George Soros and his philanthropic activities

Besides being a very successful person in business and finance, Soros is known for his philanthropic gestures. George Soros first proverbial test of the philanthropy was in 1979, but it was just a small one. After his first test of being a philanthropist, he took it seriously five years later when he launched the Open Society Foundations in his country of birth. The name Open Society Foundation (OSF) was influenced by the concepts that Karl Popper advanced as a philosopher. Karl Popper is a philosopher that he was introduced to when he was studying for his graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

The reason for George Soros venturing into philanthropy was mainly because of the concept that Karl Popper advanced. The concept was to find a way which citizens could hold their governments accountable. His ideas advocated for having vibrant and tolerant democracies on A close look at his organization, the Open Society Foundation, it is very evident that he supports these concepts that Karl Popper advanced. The Open Society Foundation is involved and supports several organizations around the world that are directly or indirectly involved with matters that are related to politics.

Despite him starting being seriously involved with philanthropy in 1984, it is not until 1987 that he began giving out large sums of money. In 1987 alone, he spent about $3 million on philanthropic activities on and kept increasing the amount each year. Soros is quoted saying that in 1992, he spent over $300 million on his Open Society Foundation. Between 1987 and 1992, his established a series of foundations mainly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Today, his presence as a philanthropist is felt in more than 100 countries. His philanthropic activities and extraordinary wealth have made him get a massive attention from many powerful political leaders on

The Soros Fund Management had become successful by 1993, and he decided to establish the Soros Foundation network which was based in New York. George Soros named the organization Open Society Institute. The Open Society Institute has a presence in several countries around the world. However, it is primarily focused on putting more money into American based organizations. In one of his books, “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism,” Soros has explained what open society means. Using his words, he says Open Society is one in which there is freedom, democracy, a rule of law, social justice, human rights, and social responsibility. These are the reasons he gives for his philanthropic advances.

Soros appointed Aryeh Neier to serve as president of Open Society Institute. He was entrusted with the task of championing the agendas of OSI. The reason for appointing Aryeh Neier was because of his involvement with Students for Democrats in the early 1960s at The SDS shared the same ideologies with Open Society Institution and had aspired to overthrow America’s democratic institutions and reconfigure the government. He also worked for America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for fifteen years and 12 years he was the director of Human Rights Watch.

Clay Siegall: The past, Present, and Future of Breakthrough Therapy

This article is written as a reminder that the fight against is far from over. There have been many great advancements over the past decade, but this deadly disease is still a major concern in society today. Society has been fighting for well over a century, but this is the “21st Century” and cancer has been given it’s walking papers (in-a-sense). Some of the best new treatments in this industry are known as antibody based therapies. These therapies consists of the main weapon of choice known as antibody drug conjugates. (ADCs) are far more advanced than previous medication and treatments to fight this disease thanks to their specific actions. (ADCs) attack cancerous cells and while delivering a fatal blow without ever harming any other cells in the body. This concept is genius as it decreases the chances of the patient having any nasty side effects.

The head man in charge is Dr. Clay Siegall. Even though he isn’t a household, he is probably one of the most known and respected individuals in cancer research. Dr. Siegall is very accomplished in his own rights, but he’s the perfect team player. By implementing strong principles into his foundation is what makes this company stand out. Cancer waits on no one and there is no time to waste. The progressive movements by the good doctor has led Seattle Genetics to the forefront of the industry thanks to it’s innovative line of cancer fighting drugs. The drug ADCETRIS is known as the company’s flagship model as it has increased the survival rates of many when being compared to previous cancer medications. It’s become so successful to where Dr. Siegall has entered it into multiple strategic licensing deals with GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and Pfizer. As of today, ADCETRIS has racked up more than $226 Million in the U.S. and Canada alone.

Cancer Research is at a peak thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics stands tall among a crowd of other innovative companies.

EOS Changes Lip Balm Forever

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra’s startup EOS lip balm, has risen to success in just seven short years. How did the startup manage to do so? spoke with Teller and Mehra, recapping the challenges they’ve faced, decisions they’ve made, and everything else along the way.

Teller and Mehra wanted to create an innovative product, one that had yet to be introduced to the lip balm market, so Evolution of Smooth was born. The lip balm line offers women an organic, silky, tasty lip balm in a compact smooth sphere.

Teller and Mehra knew that the product would be welcomed by women, especially millennials that use lip balm daily. However, getting the product onto shelves and consumer’s view posed a challenge. So the guys sought professional help and landed their first account at Walgreens. From there, the product has surfaced on shelves of stores like Target, Walmart and even Ulta.

Getting into stores was a welcomed opportunity that Mehra and Teller had worked tirelessly to achieve. They knew if they were to compete with other leaders in the beauty industry that they had to be able to meet the demand for their product. So, the partners invested in machinery developed specifically to produce their product.

With their product on the shelves and the ability to produce EOS lip balms as needed, the guys looked into additional needs like marketing. EOS has become incredibly popular among millennials so what better to reach them than through social media? Beauty bloggers have featured reviews of their product on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The brand has even sponsored celebrities like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Today, EOS has over 7 million followers on Facebook, proving the guys have successfully gotten the word out! The brand continues to revolutionize lip balm, an industry that will never be the same.


Understanding Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has a doctorate from Staffordshire University. He is the head of Trucept Incorporated. Brian has been able to serve in many companies in the sector of finance. He has gained extensive skills and experience in finance. Brian studied at the University of Strathclyde where he earned his undergraduate degree before going for his MBA at Staffordshire University.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is also a member of the American Finance Association where he contributes his ideas and skills in finance. Brian Bonar is the CEO and the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation where he oversees operations for DFCO (Dalrada Financial Corporation). Brian is involved in a wide range of employer and employee benefits as well as aftermarket products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a marketing liaison and participates in supplying many different employee programs to its clients that are meant to boost business efficiency. These employee programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits, business and promotional management services, and financial management.

Brian has been able to bring growth to the company through his vast skills and experience since he joined Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian is the acting chairman and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services and the president of APRO (Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.). Brian Bonar was named as the Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge.

This came as a big honor to Brian and goes to show how committed and involved he is in his work. This special honor was selected by a selection committee of Cambridge basing on Brian’s academic achievements, leadership abilities, and professional accomplishments. Brian attributes his success to his technical background. He understands what it takes to create a well functioning business structure.

Brian previously worked at IBM as the procurement manager before going to serve as the Director of Engineering at QMS. He was able to manage over 100 people while working at QMS. Brian also worked as a sales manager for Adaptec. Brian Bonar started his company by the name Bezier Systems. He specifically specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He can incorporate his innovative power as an architect and engineering skills. Brian was named as the Who’s Who in America in 2000. Brian loves to spend time with his family, take boat trips, and go golfing when he is not working.

Brian’s portfolio includes retail commercial as well as multi-family housing and aviation. He is known for his passion for assisting his fellow workers, project partners, and clients to achieve their visions. Brian has been termed as an entrepreneur who does not fear to venture into the sector of finance.

He encourages people to go for what they believe in and what they are passionate about while bringing change to their communities.

Talk Fusion: Anything Is Possible

The wonderful and amazing thing about Talk Fusion is the fact that it is proving that anything is truly possible if somebody wants something bad enough. That is why Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007. He knew a lot of folks were unhappy at their jobs and they saw no way out. They had no choice in the matter they felt like, though, as they had to put food on the table and pay the bills. Because of this, they were stuck at dead end jobs that caused them depression, anxiety, and a great deal of stress.


Finally, Bob Reina said that enough was enough and he decided to do something about it. Now, almost ten years later, the company has changed the lives of so many people and it is being rewarded with two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The recent award is truly special as it is for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. In every possible way, that sums up Talk Fusion and what they are doing and how they run their business. With video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences, people have the solutions out there to communicate with people and get their business off the ground.


Once they do this, they will see life in a whole new way. They will see that every day is better than the next. They won’t have any restless or sleepless nights. They will wake up, every morning, ready to take on the world and tackle whatever is put in front of them. Nothing will be too daunting or too challenging. They have prepared for this their whole lives and they have a lot of things inside of them that they need to get out. They are creative people after all, and it is next to impossible to keep creative people down.


Bob Reina has offered hope to a lot of people and that is a powerful thing that goes a really, really long way in today’s world with everything that is going on. It reminds them to never stop believing.

The Midas Legacy: Looking Out For Other People

In today’s day and age, it never hurts to have a friend or an ally. It can really make a difference in someone’s life, especially when it comes to their retirement. A lot of people look forward to retirement with great joy and enthusiasm. Quite frankly, it is hard to blame them. They have worked for a long time, put in many hours, and they are ready to relax and take it easy. They have earned that right. One of the things they struggle with, however, is the next chapter of their life and what they would like to do with it and how they would like to handle it. In this type of scenario, there is really no right or wrong answer.

That’s the good news. It is all up the individual and what they feel like is going to bring them the most joy and happiness moving forward. Some people are content to just take it easy, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Other people, though, they want to keep busy and they want to keep working. They are not satisfied with just retiring and sitting around doing nothing. That is why the Midas Legacy is so vital in terms of these situations.

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One of the things they do that really separates them from the competition is the fact they take the time to get to know the person. That is a key component that a lot of people forget about when they are running a company like this. The more they know about the person, the better suited they are to guide them and help them. The Midas Legacy knows how to ask the right questions and get inside someone’s head. Once they have that person figured out and understood, they can move forward with their plan.

The thing about The Midas Legacy is they never do anything without consulting with the person first. They simply offer suggestions, ideas, and a new way of looking at things. However that person decides to proceed in the near future, that is completely up to them. The Midas Legacy is not interested in putting any pressure on their clients or making all of the decisions for them. That is not their style. They simply give out some wisdom, step back, and let the client decide. If their advice is wanted, they will gladly offer it and lay out the pros and cons.

Wengie’s marvelous daily creations.

I enjoy watching Wengie’s videos. She is extremely clever while inventing ways to make old worn sweaters to look brand new again. All she does is take a shaver and lightly pass through the sweater until all the lint is removed and presto, you have a sharp looking sweater again. I also admired Wengie’s creativity when she used a paper clip remover in order to remove and place a key in her key ring. I liked this idea very much because it prevents you from damaging your nails and hands. I really admire her original designs in especially when she uses a zip lock bag with a cardboard paper fitted inside in efforts to maintain all important documents and items neatly stored. She reported this was a good way to prevent things being crumbled or torn when shoved inside her backpack. Another great idea was how Wengie marked her shower key with an erasable marker. This enabled her to always have her water temperature at the condition she enjoys without having to constantly be playing around with the water key prior to taking a shower.

Wengie also recommends we place old newspapers at the bottom of garbage bags. Doing this will prevent liquid residue to form and eliminate bad odors to spread in the house. I definitely recommended this to various friends and family after watching her video and they loved it. I especially liked the idea of taking pictures of the inside of your refrigerator and cupboards before going to the supermarket. This way you save time on writing and rebuying things you already have in the house.


If you would like to enjoy Wengie’s fun and creative inventions take a peek at her fabulous videos at:

How Securus Kept Me From Going Back To Prison

I have been to prison before and I can tell you that it is no fun. I know that it is designed not to be fun, that it’s supposed to act as a deterrent. But I don’t know any criminal that didn’t pull off a crime because they might go to jail.


The most difficult thing about prison is re-acclamation. Life inside the prison is very regimented. Your whole life is scheduled, including the time you wake up, the time you eat breakfast, the time you head on over to your “job”, the time you go to the bathroom, and the time that the lights are turned out. You go from having somebody tell you what to do every step of the way to being on your own.


Life outside of the prison can be kind of scary. It’s hard to get a job because you got to explain to somebody why you went to jail the first place. And everybody seems so much different. After spending a year in prison, everybody’s life is on a different track and people actually look different.


That shock, that huge difference in lifestyles is what led me to commit more crimes after my first stint in jail. But I think video visitation services provided by Securus Technologies is what kept me out of jail the second time.


Video visitation allowed me to talk to my family whenever I wanted for a very reasonable price. I got to virtually visit with my entire family so I didn’t miss a beat. And when I was finally released from prison, I transitioned back into society very smoothly. I knew what was going on with everybody and nobody looked any different. I think my lucky stars for Securus and their technological innovations. I hope they keep doing what they’re doing.


The Name Behind JustFab

Don Ressler is a great entrepreneur. He has spearheaded many successful start-ups like Intelligence Beauty and its subsidiaries. Don Ressler collaborated with COO of Intermix Adam Goldenberg to start Alena Media after selling his first start-up to Intermix Media in 2001. This was an e-commerce and performance advertising division. It made hundreds of millions in revenues. It was the one and only profit center for Intermix. They sold the business to News Corp in 2005.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg made a decision to form a brand building enterprise since they knew they had the skills to be successful in the field of online performance and advertising. That is how Intelligent Beauty came to be born. DERMSTORE is an online skincare and cosmetics marketplace. It was the first creation of the brand building business. SENSA was then launched two years later. Brett Brewer was the CEO, and Dr. Alan Hirsch was in charge of product development. Both companies are said to have been very profitable. Intelligent Beauty launched the third company by the name Just Fab in 2010. The company got $33 million from Matrix Partners as funding. Kimora Lee Simmons became the President and Creative Director of the company in September the same year.

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JustFab wants to be the next H&M

Just Fab started looking for opportunities to stretch in new markets after a good profit in two years. The company bought a fashion subscription service for children in January 2013 since the majority of their existing customers were parents. Just Fab purchased the European fashion e-commerce site known as “The Fab Shoes” in May 2013. This brought in more members from Spain and France to the already existing European membership that the company had in Europe. Just Fab in collaboration with Kate Hudson started Fabletics which is a site for athletic wear. The company purchased Shoe Dazzle subscription site in August 2013. Shoe Dazzle subscription was their rival.

Don Ressler has been a good example that hard work pays. He encourages other entrepreneurs out there who have good ideas to take that first step and start working on it. Don says that he did not have a good understanding of the fashion industry when he started, but he is at a good place now as a result of time and the experience he has acquired. Goldenberg is his business partner. Goldenberg was just 19 years old when they started their first company. They were confident that they would one day create a transformational business. Don Ressler is now known all over the world for reshaping the fashion e-commerce.

Susan McGalla’s role in Women Success in the Corporate World

Today, many women have climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded in their various careers and businesses. At least they are well represented regarding company leadership. You will find a good number of women at the decision-making level on They are also paid as much as their male counterparts unlike in the past when there was payment inequality.

However, we still have some who are not aware of what to do to make it in the corporate world. Fortunately, the government and some non-governmental organizations have come up out to help eradicate the drawbacks that are still holding back such women. All the same, some strong women out there are very efficient concerning leadership and are ready to deal with the problem directly. They have gone a step ahead in the corporate organizations, companies and even in their business ventures.

The business world was once a reserve for the men. However, today women such as Susan McGalla have also ventured into it, and they are making significant differences. These women are now role models to the other women as they are also assisting them to gain success too. They have portrayed excellent management skills and qualities like networking and trustworthiness.

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When Susan McGalla Speaks You Have To Listen

As a successful businessperson, Susan McGalla understands how to get to the top leadership positions and how to stay at the top. According to McGalla, it is mandatory to have passion, confidence, hard work, and determination to achieve a desirable outcome. She believes that one has to work to accomplish. She knew from the start that she had in her what it takes to make it in life, and therefore she had to make her dreams come true.

Susan McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting. She is widely knowledgeable in the field of retail and clothing. She has greatly influenced notable finance personalities that want more understanding in matters pertaining talent management, marketing, branding, product merchandising,etc.

From 1986 to 1994, McGalla worked at Joseph Horne Company. She then moved to American Eagle Outfitters. Here she became the President and Chief Merchandizing Officer of the entire company owing to her strict work ethics. McGalla later resigned and ventured into private consultation for retail industries and financial investment. She became the CEO of West Seal for a while before leaving and becoming a consulting expert.