Online Rep Control

For a basic understanding, online reputation management is the act of improving and or restoring your name or your brand’s name. So in lamens terms; its rep control for online businesses and icons. A positive way to implement online reputation management is by weakening or eliminating the negative information causing damage to your company’s rep.

Why would anyone need an online reputation makeover?

Well first things first, we all know that what goes on the internet, STAYS on the internet. According to, this includes anything as harmless as a status update to something as serious as an incriminating photo. Always stay conscious of what you post and allow access to while online. While it is nearly impossible to remove information from the internet, it can be made more difficult to find certain pieces of information. In fact, there are hundreds of companies who have created a rather successful path showing and helping their clients achieve online reputation management.

Not only does online reputation management aid in restoring one’s reputation, but is also alleviates the stress of advertising and the “beat down” the cost of advertising can have on your company’s budget. Being able to manage keeping up with appearances from an online reputation standpoint can be an extremely lucrative option to invest time and even money into. Big businesses know this. That’s right, with the number of Internet users starting out at 16 million in December 1995 to an all-time high of 3,732 million users as of March 2017, larger companies are hiring smaller companies to manage all of their social media advertising and are spending a pretty penny to do so. The possibilities are endless.

Successes Illustrate The Perseverance Of Anthony Petrello

As chairman of the board of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello brings a lot of life experience to the table. These experiences highlight the man that he is today, and they make him a solid for bringing this company into the rest of the 21st Century. Like many other chief executives, Petrello is diverse in his talents.

To start with, Petrello holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Mathematics from Yale University. Anyone who has tried to master math realizes just how impressive an achievement this really is! Moreover, Petrello holds a J.D. degree from Harvard. Before becoming board chairman at Nabors, Petrello was a lawyer with Baker and McKenzie from 1979 to 1991. His practice centered on arbitration, taxation, and corporate law.

The core of Petrello’s leadership at Nabors centers on a strategic planning initiative where he does the utmost to be the effective manager the company needs. Petrello is supremely focused on going the extra mile in order to not only help Nabors survive, but also thrive in a competitive corporate environment.

Because of his own personal experiences, Tony also realizes the need to give back to his community. Because his daughter has a neurological disorder, Petrello and his wife serve on the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital.

As Petrello ascended to his current position as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nabors, he encountered a lot of animosity on a lot of fronts. In the mark of a true leader, Anthony Petrello instigated a number of changes, including splitting Chairman and CEO roles, allowing more individuals to have election privileges, and limited future CEOs to just three times the severance pay.

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2Pac: Gone but not Forgotten


Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1971 in New York, NY. Actor, poet, and musical genius, Tupac Shakur grew up to become a hip-hop legend, and unfortunately the most famous member of any list of dead rappers.


Shakur was raised by a single mother, and he had a less than ideal upbringing. During his childhood, he and his mother were forced to move all over the Bronx and Brooklyn. Their big break came when they moved to California. Soon after the move, he became a part of Digital Underground, a local rap group. Shakur released his first solo album, 2Pacalypse Now, in 1991.


2Pac soon rose to prominence in the music and film industry, becoming a rap fashion icon the world over. This fame was not without controversy though. Shakur, although commended for his artistry, was regarded by many as a ruffian due to his explicit lyrics, and his trouble with the law. Tragedy struck the hip-hop world on September 7, 1996 when 2Pac was shot and killed at a traffic light. His life was taken from him at the age of 25.


Even though he was taken at such a young age, 2Pac went on to become one of the most beloved artists to ever step foot in the hip-hop realm. Worldwide, his records have sold well over 75 million copies. Although he is gone, his legacy remains.

Why Is The USHealth Group PPO Perfect For Families?

The USHealth Group PPO is an important tool in ensuring families are protected from the health problems that may plague them during the year. The policy was built to ensure that every person who purchases a policy will find the care they need, and this article explains how families may purchase plan from the company any time they like. The firm is open to their customers purchasing when needed, and they offer better prices than other companies I’m the industry along with a better online presence.

#1: Their Online Presence

The online presence at USHealth Group is one that brings customers all the information they need for their policies, and it allows them to reach out to the company. Someone who enjoys reading about the industry will find news about it when they are searching the LinkedIn page of the company, and they will learn about how the company plans the change or expand what they offer. The company is growing very day, and they have many new developments that customers will be interested in.

#2: Customers May Ordr Online

Ordering online is a large part of what is done at the USHeslth Group, and anyone who is searching for policies may go to the website to find information about one that will help them remain healthy. They may read about the policies for as long as they need, and they may choose to contact the company about each policy if they have a question. The USHealthy Group customer care team will explain the policies to every customer, and they will share information that makes choosing much simpler.

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#3: Why Choose The PPO Over Other Policies?

The PPO has become popular in recent years because it will reduce costs for everyone. It is much cheaper to implement for the company, and it is easier for the customer to use because the network is so large. USHealth Group has done quite a lot of work to ensure their network will be as large as it needs to be, and they are engaging with more people every year who wish to join their family. The company has a number of providers who are pleased to work with them, and they will find it quite exciting to partner with a company that has the reach of this one.Everyone who is shopping for their next health insurance policy may choose the PPO at the USHealth Group, and they will notice there is a simple way to get the coverage they need. They will pay less for a network that is quite large, and they will ensure there is quite a lot of care available for any illness or condition that they may have.

Mike Baur’s Growth Accelerator Program at SSUF

Mike Baur launched his Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 with the desire to give young startups a solid foundation to start a company and build upon it. The programs that he has developed are geared towards equipping these entrepreneurs to build a company from the ground up starting with the skeleton or basic framework of their idea. The growth accelerator is a newer program that is designed for those entrepreneurs that are more mature, and they have already launched with the hopes of blossoming and overcoming barriers to continued growth and momentum.


Baur’s staff helps to identify the problem areas and builds a service package to help overcome those challenging areas making it a custom tailored experience for those who choose to become a part of the program. Every startup has unique challenges and they also have their own unique needs going forward too. The keys to growing this program for matured companies includes:


  • Additional access to finance (internal and external investors)
  • Business development (measure and build as you go)
  • Leadership and management (the company is fed through leadership)


It is amazing how much the program covers, but Baur had a complete vision for helping these startups when the journey began. Today, Baur and his co-founders are all working diligently to help those who join the program, and the SSUF has a full list of services that they offer to those who are in the growth stage. This program covers all areas including finance, network, PR, marketing, branding, fundraising, and even how the business should be run from an administrative perspective.


There are so many questions that a new business owner will have, but what matters most is that you work with the best of the best in order to get access to the best leadership, and ask the most important questions of all time. The scope of your business shouldn’t rest on guesswork, but rather on a predictable platform and a team of people that you know you can rely on today and every day in the future.


If you can stand to have access to international investors, that are ready to offer up help at this moment and well into the future, it is time for you to join a network of entrepreneurs that have had success and continue to grow.

One Can Lose Business From Just a Few Negative Comments

Many people that have experience owning a business understand that it is important to have a really good reputation for success. If one does not manage to keep a good reputation, then it is going to have an impact on their business. This is why it is important for people to make sure that they are keeping in touch with their customers and looking at all of the different aspects of their business. Fortunately, there are a ton of different prospects that people have when it comes to improving their reputation. It is possible that they can manage their own reputation. However, there is a lot of work that goes into it that requires the help of a professional.

While people may not want to give their reputation over to some professionals, they need to realize is that all it takes is one person to say something bad about the company and then a customer who regularly shops there might walk away. Also, a bad comment could prevent a new customer from visiting the place. This is why it is important to take the time to look at every mention of the company. If the mention is negative, then one must take the time to address the issue and see what the root cause of it is.

A lot of business has cited that a large percentage of their sales comes from their good reviews. When customers hear good things about a store, it increases their interest in the store which makes them more likely to shop there. This is the truth for any industry that the company is involved in. At the same time, this gives them more of a luxury to come up with new products that they believe will please customers. With a good reputation, customers will be more likely to enjoy some great products.


Rona Borre: Enterprising Woman Of The Year

Rona Borre stands at the head of the pack

Rona Borre founded the successful staffing company, Instant Alliance in 2001. Instant Alliance has become one of the premiere staffing agencies in the Chicago area. Instant Alliance has the goal of providing the perfect services needed to keep companies growing and innovating. They use passion and details to connect their clients with the best candidates to get the best results.

Instant Alliance provides staffing for mostly the technology and financial industries. They pair up with technical consultants from all over the country to ensure they provide their clients with the best possible talent for their company. Their thorough assessments allow them to build the perfect IT team for any client. For the financial sector, their recruiting team knows that the industry requires efficiency and precision. As a talent management firm, Instant Alliance advises leaders on the global front on creating their financial workforce.  For more details click

Rona Borre stands at the head of the pack; one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the entire Chicago area. She is a leader through the entire city and community, holding leadership positions with organizations like the Young Presidents Organization, The Chicago Network, and the Economic Club of Chicago.  Source:  thechicagonetwork.or

She is a foremost leader in the human capital industry, having been featured by USA Today, CNN, CNBC, and CBS 2 Chicago. Rona Borre has been awarded the honor by The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners of being an Influential Woman in Business. She was also named by Enterprising Women Magazine as Enterprising Woman of the Year.

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Chris Burch Technology

Technology is a driving force of change for many people. Over the years, a lot of people have started to invest in new technology for fashion. When it comes to apparel, few people think of technology as playing a critical role. However, you can start to see the positive impact that technology has in a variety of ways. With all of the changes that are taking place in this area, people like Chris Burch are starting to lead the charge for positive change. There are a lot of positive implications that technology can have on many industries. Going past healthcare, a lot of people can start to see the benefits that Chris Burch and other leaders can have with innovation.




One of the biggest implications with more technology is better healthcare. A lot of people want to start preventing disease before it occurs. This is much easier with better technology that is now being offered in a variety of areas. If you are ready to start taking care of your health at a high level, technology can help you get there. There are many people who are excited about the wearable devices that are now available for a lot of people. These devices not only look stylish, but they can also help you find issues before they start. This is a new wave of healthcare that is here to stay. With all of the changes that are taking place in this area, Chris Burch is ready to start investing with other people for the future.


Chris Burch


From the time that he started in business, Chris Burch has always been about helping others. There are a lot of people who look up to him in life and in business. If you want to start investing for the future, he is someone who can help in that area. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in his business. If you are ready to start looking at ways that he can help you in the future, he is always willing to do so. No matter how successful he is in business, he is always turning his attention back to the customer. Chris Burch is the type of person who is going to drive a lot of innovation and change for the future. Not only that, but he truly cares about the customers that he interacts with on a daily basis.

Clay Siegall’s Passion Developing ADCs for Cancer Treatment and Learning about New Scientific Innovations

Clay Siegall is the founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics since its establishment in 1998. He is a passionate scientist who has developed revolutionary cancer treatments, led innovative scientific projects, and managed groundbreaking projects. Clay enjoys documenting his knowledge on developing scientific innovations through his WordPress blog. On February 27th, Clay shared an article about SpaceX’s plans to send two NASA astronauts beyond the moon. SpaceX is known for setting highly ambitious plans and eventually following through with them. The NASA astronauts are fully aware of the risks involved in the rare space travel and will receive know-how on the best way to handle emergency cases and unique outfits to maintain their visual abilities and give them better sleep at night. The mission will be the first since Apollo went on the last one 45 years ago.

Dr. Clay Siegall is an alumnus of Maryland University with a Bachelors in Zoology. He pursued a Ph.D. in genetics at the George Washington University and worked with the Institute of National Health and the National Cancer Institute between 1988 and 1991. From 1991, Clay joined Bristom Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research until 1997. He is on the Council of Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Clay has honors from various award platforms such as Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young and his former school, the University of Maryland.

Siegall set up Seattle Genetics to develop more efficient cancer treatments. Under his leadership, Seattle has developed various ADCs, earned an FDA approval and signed contracts with Genentech, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. Currently, they are developing approximately 20 ADCs with support from external and internal programs. Seattle will use the 33A drug that is currently in clinical trials to treat severe myeloid leukemia. Seattle has received 350 million dollars from dealings and 1.2 billion dollars from fundraising events. Dr. Siegall plans to develop more ADCETRIS for more effective treatment of cancer and increase the company’s workforce by hiring 100 professionals in the United States and 20 in Switzerland. Seattle Genetics has the authorization to distribute its FDA approved drugs to more than six nations across the world.


Sujit Choudhry – Comparative Law

Comparative law is considered the study of how legal systems relate to one another. Through the methodology of comparative law, it becomes easier to understand the differences and similarities of the legal practices from one location to another. As economies expand, conflict arises, and violence is inflicted upon the poorest inhabitants of various nations, it is vital to understand how the legal systems affect its citizens on a physical level.


By utilizing the field of Comparative Law effectively, it is possible to establish governmental practices that makes the lives of the people it is meant to govern easier. One of the most prominent areas of work within Comparative Law are the documents within a governmental or legal system that will ensure a fair political activity.  Read more on


Sujit Choudhry is easily one of the most seasoned and recognizable figures within the field of Comparative Law. As the Founding Director for the Center of Constitutional Transitions, his expertise has been utilized extensively in numerous political situations. His vast array of published work attempts to understand and enable cohesive transitions from violent political situations to democratic systems of government.


According to the Center of Constitutional Transition’s website, Sujit Choudhry  has helped with transitions in Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia. While working in Canada on the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, he offered major structural suggestions as to how the Toronto municipal government should operate. He was also a professor at New York University and was awarded the Trudeau Fellowship.


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With international conflict in an alarmingly new place and the power struggle between various political organizations becoming more relevant, it is important the we have figures, such as Sujit Choudhry, in the field of Comparative Law. With a keen understanding of how constitutions adversely shape the political future of a country or nation, we can begin to ensure that nations have a common respect for each other’s legal systems on a foundational level and communicate diplomatically.

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