Securus Technologies Commences Underlining Global Tel link Wrongdoings And Integrity Breaches

This is the very first report in a series to come press release about the wrongdoings and integrity breaches of the Global Tel link company. Secures technologies are one of the leading providers of criminal justice as well as civil justice solutions to investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. This was announced by the CEO of Securus of the numerous facts, findings as well as reports and articles that will pinpoint the integrity breaches as well as the wrongdoings of the GTL Company.

This press release is the first in a line of many that are yet to be released concerning GTL. Securus will publish them. The CEO of Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith, says that he loves this kind of industry that his company belongs. The main reason is that it serves as the inmates, correction, for friends and family as well as for law enforcement in the entire society as a whole. He is however offended by the fact that in his industry when a carrier is stooped when it falls below the integrity line which is not the case when it comes to GTL company. He goes further by saying that his business is not all about making big bucks but all about making their highly esteemed clients to come out fulfilled because they take their interest at heart.

In the end, Securus will also review numerous issues of the potential and systematic wrongdoings by Global Tel Link and provide a series of releases that will be aligned over the next six months to come. This will serve as a purpose t make the company correct their issues and act with bigger and higher integrity. The main mistake they did was inflating charges to their customers which are an n illegal act.

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Fabletics Bringing More Attention to Their Company With Physical Store Locations

Fabletics offers customers a twenty-five dollar first outfit deal if they decide to choose to become members of the Fabletics VIP membership. Over one million people decided to become Fabletics VIP members. Even more people A staggering number of people by all counts follow @fabletics on Instagram. The company is all about encouraging people to feel comfortable and stylish when they work out. It’s hard to feel positive about working out when you wear the same baggy pair of sweats and a lumpy t-shirt.

They were against opening physical locations, because the cost of their clothing would go up. Surprisingly when they dipped their feet into opening six stores -once of which was in the well known shopping center the Mall of America- the Fabletics company flourished even more in areas around these stores. They didn’t have to raise the cost of the active wear in the physical locations, because sales were good around the store even if the sales did not solely take place within the stores. The company decided that there must have been many customers who were going into the stores to try on clothing or to read the review of their activewear to decide if it was actually good quality enough. Then they went home to purchase what they liked online. Of course sales happened within the physical location stores as well. Another part of having physical locations is that the location itself serves as an advertisement in some ways. Even if people don’t go inside the store when they are out shopping they might see it in a mall or in a shopping area of a city. Since stores are usually covered in posters and signs, it’s essentially the same thing as a billboard advertisement. As of right now, Fabletics is going ahead with opening up to one hundred Fabletics active wear physical locations in the upcoming years. The website Racked published an article about Fabletics’s decision to expand their physical locations.

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Over the years the one issue Fabletics has been faced with is customers who do not understand their VIP membership. It’s still been a problem in some ways for those who do not educate themselves or read on the Fabletics website what the membership entails. Always read all the information if you decide to become a member. Simply put the VIP membership gives customers discounts and store points. It costs forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents each month to have the membership. If you are constantly buying new gym or athleisure wear, this is certainly a good deal for you though because the discount is worth the monthly charge. For those who do not buy a lot of athletic wear each month, they can skip a monthly charge as long as they do so before the fifth of each month. The VIP membership is always available for cancelation if a customer is tired of the charge.

Whether you shop at one of the new physical locations or at the Fabletics online store at, just make sure to educate yourself about the VIP membership on the website or by asking a sales associate. If it isn’t something you want to try right away, know that you can shop as a guest shopper.

The Search Fixers Will Help With Internet Reputation Problems


The Search Fixers are an amazing group of reputation management consultants that helps people with their online reputation. The reputation that someone or some company has online is important to maintain, but it can get pretty bad when someone has a lot of negative news come out all at once. People see the negative news online, and they assume that that is all there is to company or person. The Search Fixers will start to change results with internet reputation repair, and the result will be a much more positive image for the client.

The online reputation of a company will change as The Search Fixers start writing articles that make their clients look better in the public eye. The public will start to read things that are more fun to read, and they will learn things about the client that are completely fresh.

The company also needs to give The Search Fixers time to figure out how much information needs to be released. The Search Fixers have to figure out how they will save face for their clients, and there are also some things that need to be considered before the content is released. The Search Fixers want to know all they can know about their clients, and they want to gather information they can use to make a plan. The plan will include positive news they have researched about their clients, and they have made sure that they know all they need to know before they get started and fix bad search results.

Someone who wants to change a bad online reputation cannot do it alone because they do not know how to make Internet searches look different. The searches have to be changed with help from keywords, and the articles that are written about the client have to flow well so that people will actually read them. The Search Fixers are there to help everyone learn what has to be done to change their reputation, and then The Search Fixers stay on top of the problem for as long as needed. There are tweaks that can be done to the plan, or the client can stop the reputation management services when they have regained their reputation.

Sanjay Shah’s Philanthropy

Sanjay Shah has always had a heart for the struggling and the disadvantaged. Even before starting his own firm, he has always sponsored children that were born at a disadvantage. His efforts have been general. This is one of the motivating factors behind starting businesses. Sanjay has realized that there is no such thing as job security. The only way for him to get job security was for him to start his own business. The road to having a few successful ventures such as Solo Capital has started with one small room. He has used his skills and motivation to move his company from a small room to a few buildings.

One defining aspect of Sanjay Shah is that he loves people. He wants people to experience joy and fulfillment. He also wants people to experience connection and fulfilling relationships. He is also very impressive with his ability to talk with people of all walks of life. When he met Snoop Dogg, he has spent a lot of time talking with him and introducing him to his family. As a result of his meeting, Sanjay Shah has found the next phase of his career. He decided to start running concerts as a means to fund autism research.

One major reason for his focus on autism is that his son was diagnosed with this developmental condition. Sanjay Shah has taken it hard. However, this has inspired him to make more people aware of autism and get them interested in learning what it actually is and what it is not. He has hosted a multitude of artists on his concert events. They each got to meet his son. They also brought a unique and enjoyable experience to audiences as well as Sanjay Shah and his family. Sanjay Shah has shown a lot of creativity which has brought him far along in his career.


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