New York’s Prestigious Tarallucci e Vino Restaurant and other Top Eateries

Restaurants straddling Manhattan and other New York boroughs play an important part in keeping the city awake 24 hours a day. The choice of restaurant depends on a number of issues, including ambience, interior décor, cuisine, location, level of cleanliness, amenities and customer service. Two of the most outstanding restaurants with great private rooms in New York, according to a review conducted by Goop Magazine are The Nomad restaurant and ZZ’s Clam Bar. The Nomad hotel at 1170 Broadway is an elegant restaurant serving delectable food. The interior décor of the eating venue at The Nomad features huge skylights, Persian rugs and Clubby parlor with highly attractive velvet seats.


The restaurant provides a great place to eat, lounge and meet in NYC. Meetings can take place either in private rooms or the rooftop. ZZ’s Clam Bar is renowned for its top of the range menu featuring raw fish and World-Class cocktails. The other menu offerings on this teensy establishment perched at 169 Thompson Street, Greenwich Village include tea cup and rich collection of seafood’s. Because of high demand, reservations for private rooms and group events must be made in good time. ZZ’s Clam Bar is owned and operated by restaurant chain called Major Food Group. Tarallucci e Vino is a beautiful restaurant that offers spacious event space for all occasions and serves Italian cuisine. Here are more details about the restaurant.


About New York’s Tarallucci e Vino Restaurant

This idyllic restaurant located on Union Square boasts several intimate rooms on the mezzanine and a spacious abode on the 6th floor. According to a restaurant guide published in Great Places Directory, the mezzanine floor is perfect for various gatherings, including cocktail parties for up to 80 guests or small private gatherings for 30 guests. The other attractions include custom built brick table, unique artworks, antique cabinets and a fully furnished bar. There is also a uniquely styled wine cellar to cater for guests who want to indulge their taste buds with a variety of wines. The exceptional collection of wine reflects the restaurant’s commitment to small, family-owned vineyards. The lofty 6th floor extension, presents guests with spacious rooms that can host various events including private dining, business meetings, religious services and birthday parties.


The event space on 6th floor allows up to 120 people to sit and dine. The highlights here include magnificent chandeliers, custom made tables and antique mirrors. Guests also get to relax and enjoy their drinks at a fully furnished bar and lounge area. The other amenities offered to patrons include handicap accessible parking, onsite multimedia infrastructure and modern kitchen amenities. The menu at Tarallucci e Vino is inspired by Master Chef Riccardo Bilotta and other star chefs. Guests can look forward to a rich collection of traditional Italian cuisine prepared and served using the latest culinary techniques. According to, the full menu covers breakfast, brunch, dessert, lunch, wine-list and dinner. Most of the ingredients used in food preparation are sought from the nearby Union Square Market.


Evaluating The Emergence of Seattle Genetics as a Biotechnology Giant

Washington-based biotechnology firm Seattle Genetics, has created a niche for itself as a major player in the biotechnology industry. Since its formation, the firm’s commitment to advancing state-of-the-art cancer therapies, has been steadfast. Seattle Genetics focuses on the developing and commercializing therapies that are antibody-based. This is mainly done through in-depth research, which is conducted by a team of experts led by the firm’s CEO, Dr. Clay Siegall. This high level of commitment has made Seattle Genetics a force to reckon with in the industry.


The firm’s breakthrough came after it successfully advanced Adcetris, a cancer therapy that has been commercially availed in more than 60 countries. The firm has banked on the success of this product to come up with many more, all of which have been of great benefit to cancer patients globally. Seattle Genetics boasts a first-class research facility, and a team of proficient scientists, who have been the backbone of its success. It recently started a clinical program, which will test the effectiveness of Adcetris in the treatment of lymphomas.


Seattle Genetics has been forming partnerships to enable it market its products to a wider market. It recently partnered with Takeda in a deal that will see it realize the commercial potential that Adcetris has in the United States, Canada and beyond. The company has been driven forward by the desire to alleviate pain and suffering amongst cancer patients. A culture of teamwork, innovation and scientific excellence is encouraged among staff members. It is therefore, not surprising that Seattle Genetics has become a giant in the field of biotechnology.


Dr. Siegall in Brief


The Maryland and George Washington University alumnus cofounded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Currently, he chairs its board besides being the firm’s president. His experience in the field of biotechnological research has enabled him to offer shrewd leadership to the firm. Dr. Siegall has special interest in the field of Zoology, having pursued the subject up to doctoral level. Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Before that, he had made a name for himself by being one of the most competent researchers at the National Institute of Health.


Remaking Your Reputation: How One Company Bounced Back from PR Disaster

Dealing with the public is an integral part of any business. This is especially true in the case of companies trying to make it happen during the prevalent age of the internet. Status Labs, an Austin based online reputation firm, has specialized for so long in helping customers deal with their own crisis that it was a shocking turn around when they were suddenly on the defensive end. Status Labs President, and co-founder, Darius Fisher took some time to really look into how his company managed to overcome an embarrassing public gaffe.

Fisher is the first to point out that a solid reputation starts from the top down with solid leadership.

The first thing that Fisher did was garner a vote to have the offending executive removed from the company. Next up Fisher knew that he needed to assuage the fears of his own employees who were suddenly rightfully afraid for the future of their jobs. So Fisher put together an open letter that he sent to his employees, detailing how the company would respond and grow from the public reputation disaster.

Fisher admits that the environment at Status Labs had suddenly changed thanks to the negative energy that was beginning to pour out: reporters were hounding the office, negative comments were being posted online, and employees were beginning to quit. So Fisher focused first of all on changing inner office culture. He decided to create some ways to garner team chemistry amongst his employees. This meant that the office would cater lunch once a week, allow dogs into the office if they were trained, and even organize team kayaking trips.

Addressing the inner office turmoil was just the start of Fisher’s multi pronged response but it proved to be the most effective aspect. Status Labs has since bounced back to service over 1,000 businesses in countries all over the planet.

Online or In-Person, Fabletics Has an Activewear Solution

Fabletics, the subscription-based online retailer, is expanding its horizons outside of the digital world and has begun opening good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores which sell their line of fashionable, affordable athletics wear. This combination of online and offline business offers customers a unique opportunity for revitalizing their look while they exercise or just live their lives. Previously, Fabletics’ business model looked like this:

You log onto Adweek (read here) and are directed to a lifestyle quiz designed to teach the service about your style and workout habits. After you complete the quiz, you are presented with a small selection of outfits based on your responses. The beginning of this process is obligation-free, you will not be charged until you make a selection from these outfits or any other outfit from the website’s catalog. Your first outfit will cost you $25 on Pinterest, and upon your purchase you will be signed up for their monthly service which allows you to choose a new outfit to be delivered to your door once a month for about $50, or opt out any time before the sixth of each month for no charge.

Read more: Fabletics Takes a Big Swipe at Lululemon With a Bleep-Filled Commercial

With their new, physical stores, the entire Fabletics experience can change for prospective customers. You can either treat them as any other store, where you go in, check out the selection, make your purchase and nothing more, or you can use the store to try on Fabletics’ clothes, see if you like how they look and feel and then make your first purchase and sign up for Fabletics VIP–their subscription service–right there in the store. For many people, the ability to try on the clothes before they make a decision to sign up may be the factor that convinces them that the clothes are worth it, and no matter the location the prices are the same with VIP.

Fabletics already has seven physical locations, and they are hoping to expand this number to 100 within the next three years. With this expanded reach, many more customers will have the opportunity and flexibility that the online-offline hybrid model offers, and the experience will be allowed to become even more personalized than it already is, fitting the comforts and preferences of the customer and offering options for those who aren’t quite tech-savvy enough to handle all of their shopping online.

Keith Mann: A Man for the Future

Successful business man, philanthropist, and caring benefactor are all titles Keith Mann carries. Keith Mann is founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. With over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry, Mann is an expert in all aspects of managing hedge funds. Mann uses his personal experience working with hedge funds in his Dynamic Search Partners business. Dynamic Search Partners seeks to connect different industries with qualified professionals to help them build platforms, and to complete investment marketing. Dynamic Search Partners has been so successful that it now works with businesses all around the world with accounts in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Mann and Dynamic Search Partners isn’t all business though. In 2015, they partnered with Uncommon Schools for a true investment in the future. Uncommon Schools is an organization that helps prepare low-income students for a future in college. It has created many charter schools on the East Coast and helped many young students start a successful future. Dynamic Search Partners helped Uncommon Schools raise $22,000 to help pay for testing in one of their new charter schools.

Mann does not create student success as only a business venture. Keith Mann and his wife Keely also created a scholarship, the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, to be awarded to one graduating senior each year from one of Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn-based high-schools. Students must write a 1000 word essay about what they hope to achieve in college and beyond in order to receive the $5000 scholarship.

But Mann’s philanthropic effort doesn’t stop there. In the early months of 2015 Keith and Keely Mann bought lunch for the 54th precinct of the NYPD not once, but twice. The couple wanted to show support for the police force during a tumultuous time and they thought this lunch of thanks was the best way to show it. “Our officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe,” Mann said.

Keith Mann has greatly invested in the future both professionally and personally. There is no telling what this CEO will invest in next.

Why Should You Choose Evolution of Smooth Products for Your Lips?

Evolution of Smooth, better known as “EOS lip balm“, is a line of beauty products that sells lip balms, body lotions, and shaving creams. Evolution of Smooth products are available for purchase online and in stores all over the United States and in Canada. Among all of these “EOS” products that are rich in different vitamins to soothe your skin and lips, the lip balms are the most popular. Visit their Facebook page to view the gallery of EOS products.

“EOS” lip balms are made from jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. These ingredients help to moisturize your lips and keep them from being chapped throughout the day. Although they have several ingredients, the lip balms are thin. This is important because it means that they won’t smear all over your lips.

“EOS” lip balms are available in two different shapes, stick and sphere. The sphere shaped lip balms are purchased more often than the sticks by Evolution of Smooth products buyers. This is due to its original shape as a sphere lip balm. The sphere lip balms also have more flavor choices than the stick lip balms.

“EOS” lip balms offer many different flavors. There are at least nine different flavors for the sphere shaped lip balms. The flavors include passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry [see,], and strawberry sorbet. The stick shaped lip balms offer three flavors: pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint. All these flavors are available on Target and also online on Ulta.