Susan McGalla’s role in Women Success in the Corporate World

Today, many women have climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded in their various careers and businesses. At least they are well represented regarding company leadership. You will find a good number of women at the decision-making level on They are also paid as much as their male counterparts unlike in the past when there was payment inequality.

However, we still have some who are not aware of what to do to make it in the corporate world. Fortunately, the government and some non-governmental organizations have come up out to help eradicate the drawbacks that are still holding back such women. All the same, some strong women out there are very efficient concerning leadership and are ready to deal with the problem directly. They have gone a step ahead in the corporate organizations, companies and even in their business ventures.

The business world was once a reserve for the men. However, today women such as Susan McGalla have also ventured into it, and they are making significant differences. These women are now role models to the other women as they are also assisting them to gain success too. They have portrayed excellent management skills and qualities like networking and trustworthiness.

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When Susan McGalla Speaks You Have To Listen

As a successful businessperson, Susan McGalla understands how to get to the top leadership positions and how to stay at the top. According to McGalla, it is mandatory to have passion, confidence, hard work, and determination to achieve a desirable outcome. She believes that one has to work to accomplish. She knew from the start that she had in her what it takes to make it in life, and therefore she had to make her dreams come true.

Susan McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting. She is widely knowledgeable in the field of retail and clothing. She has greatly influenced notable finance personalities that want more understanding in matters pertaining talent management, marketing, branding, product merchandising,etc.

From 1986 to 1994, McGalla worked at Joseph Horne Company. She then moved to American Eagle Outfitters. Here she became the President and Chief Merchandizing Officer of the entire company owing to her strict work ethics. McGalla later resigned and ventured into private consultation for retail industries and financial investment. She became the CEO of West Seal for a while before leaving and becoming a consulting expert.

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