George Soros Self-View

George Soros was born in Nazi-occupied Hungary. As a young boy, he escaped the country going to study at the London School of Economics. George Soros personal fortune is estimated to be $13 billion while he controls about $25 billion in his investment firm. Most of it from betting the right way against the Bank of England in one move.

If you read his writings, it is plain to see that he has an exaggerated self-view, according to Discover the Networks. In his 1897 book, The Alchemy of Finance, he compared himself to God, Albert Einstein and John Maynard Keynes. In Underwriting Democracy published in 1991, Soros declares that he has messianic fantasies that he hopes one day to be able to afford. In a 2010 interview with host Glenn Beck on Biography, he compares himself to God in the Old Testament describing himself as benevolent, all-seeing and invisible.

Open Society Foundations
Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundations. First formed in Hungary, this organization now operates in over 70 countries around the globe. In his book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism, George Soros supports democracy, social justice, freedom, human rights and social responsibility as being the rights of everyone regardless of where they live. In the book, George also plainly states that he feels important because of his money saying that everyone is glad to see him.

Soros is an active supporter of many organizations including:

Human Rights Watch
Arab American Institute
The Sentencing Project
The Center for Community Change
The American Institute for Social Justice
People of the American Way
Democracy for America
The Midwest Academy

George Soros would like to see a totally different America than the one that is known today. George Soros is willing to spend his money to try to influence the way that things are done in America. This Hungary-born self-made activists is an active supporter of those on his side. George Soros writings on indicate that he sees himself as one of the most important people to ever have lived.

The Insurance Products of the USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH Group is regarded as one of the United States’ top health insurance enterprises. The company has been providing its solutions through three primary subsidiaries. All its branches are devoted to offering products and services that are tailored according to the specific needs of different individuals. The enterprise’s main offices are located in Fort Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group has always strived to offer the best health insurance products to Americans. It has designed its products to be diverse and wide-ranging hence they can suit different clients. It offers insurance covers for families, life, specific diseases, and accidents for self-employed persons. Over 15 million customers have purchased the products of the firm since it was established about 50 years ago.

The three units of the insurance company offer their products based on two primary policies. They appreciate that every individual has different needs and also provide comprehensive products that can address the problems of many customers. USHEALTH Group has ensured that all its products are affordable by personalizing them to match an individual’s budget. It has also ensured that its customer service is dependable and can tackle the problems that clients face. The firm has made sure that its staff and agents have sufficient skills to assists individuals in choosing plans can address their needs. Its claim processing platform is unparalleled, and its clients can be reimbursed in time. The insurance firm has managed to offer the best services to customers since its claims and payments are balanced. All companies in the industry have a vision of having such equilibrium. The USHEALTH Group’s customer service scored a top grade in a survey that was recently done by the Better Business Bureau.

The USHEALTH Group uses a licensed agency to ensure that its products are delivered to the clients. It is known as the USHEALTH Advisors and is devoted to giving Americans the best buying experience despite the industry’s challenges. It keenly scrutinizes its representatives to ensure that they are qualified enough to distribute the insurance products of the USHEALTH Group. The company values all its clients, and this has attracted many people to seek its services.


Wessex Offers More Than Just Education

Wessex Institute of Technology is one of the leading educational facilities in Southampton. The UK school has a focus on helping students further their education through classes and extracurricular activities. Thanks to Wessex’s focus on education, many students are making strides in furthering their careers.


But their classes aren’t the only way Wessex helps students in career advancement. Thanks to Wessex’s career opportunities, students can work a satisfying career while giving back to the school.  Based on


Most of Wessex’s career opportunities are in the administrative and management fields. Currently, they have openings for research manager along with a public involvement officer. Both roles deal with working in teams to perform research and analyze data to improve their programs.


While they may not hire all the time, Wessex is guided towards providing opportunities to anyone who wants a meaningful career.

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USHealth Group Exists To Serve Its Customers With Optimal Healthcare Coverage Plans

The USHealth Group is providing its customer base with options of healthcare that have been unable to be found anywhere else. Due to one’s necessity of being covered by healthcare by some of today’s government mandated laws, many companies are taking advantage of it by hiking up their prices to unfair prices. People are being required to pay for such healthcare plans despite the prices being unfairly high due to government laws that are being enacted. By choosing the USHealth Group as your healthcare provider, you can have strong assurance of knowing that the services that you choose from the options that they provide are not going to be eating away from your bank account at the rate that other companies’ services have been doing. They offer their services at low and competitive prices so that customers can feel good about being covered by the insurance plans that they have chosen, not like the insurance coverage plans’ companies are coming to get them.


USHealth Group is an agency that has been rated positively by people who have utilized their services in the past, as well as by those who are currently utilizing their services. They are a company that constantly strive to keep their customers happy and worry-free. They have also been accredited by the BBB, which is the accreditation agency of businesses in the nation. Why not choose their options when they are priced so low in comparison to offerings of other companies? You are going to want to refer to them wen you want to acquire healthcare service options as they are a company that upholds their values and principles of being fair during a time when it seems like most of the other companies have let go of them. Be sure to contact one of the customer service representatives so that you may set up an account for your healthcare coverage plan and be on your way to living life like you should have been doing all along without the worries of not being covered by a health insurance coverage plan. Why stress when one of the best companies is on your side 24/7?


The Legacy of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama, the CEO, COO and the founder of Neogama an institution which is among the 20 best advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama was born the 1st of June 1958 in Rio de Janeiro; he is a known Brazilian genius entrepreneur in dealing with advisement industry.

He is a great personality that helps him to be recognized, and even one time he was elected to be the leader of the global network of agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer of the BBH (the British-based agency network). He has even been in rare seats where a committee of six people worldwide creative leaders of different agencies of the global holding enterprises discuss.

Alexandre Gama is an erudite scholar who completed his undergraduate degree in Armando Alvares Pentado Foundation in Advertising and communication, immediately after school he started toward achieving his dream that was way back in 1982 at Standard and Ogivily where he operated there as a copywriter.

He moved to DM9 after 8 years in 1990 as a copywriter and creative director for four years and then late moved to BBDO as the shareholder than again found greener pasture in in Young and Rubicam as the CCO, CEO and member of the global board in the year 1996. Gama decided enough is enough he started his company.





How EOS Demolished Competitors

EOS is a favorite lip balm among everyone, especially millennials. With its innovative sphere design and it’s creative flavors, EOS lip balms are now the second best selling balm in the market. Fast Company’s article, The Untold Story of How Lip Blam Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, gives every detail of the company’s journey to success.

How Did the Sphere Come Into Play?

The article describes in detail how the makers decided on the innovative shape, that caught the eyes of so many people. They made this choice so that the product would stand out against the normal tube shape that every other similar product on the market. They wanted a package that would feel good in the consumer’s hand.

Engaging all Five Senses

Not only did EOS want a product that felt good in the consumer’s hand, but they wanted a product that engaged all five senses. They decided on unique scents, bright and pastel colors, soft packaging, and yummy flavors like this one:, to give the user the ultimate lip balm experience.

EOS has changed the lip balm game. After getting picked up by major retailers they soon beat out their competitors to reach the number two spot in the market. Talk about impressive. EOS products are available on Ulta, Walmart and Target stores nationwide.

21st Century Cleansing Conditioners

The great thing about living during the 21st century is that we as a people are exposed to some of the most innovative products. Every field of work or industry has some form of innovation in it and the haircare industry is no exception. The haircare products of the past were good in their own right, but the product of today are far superior if you purchase the right product.

Many cleansing conditioners aren’t all the same as they have the ability to strip the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture. When this happens, the scalp is left vulnerable and it begins to produce excess sebum. Sebum build-up leaves your scalp feeling weighted down and greasy. Brands such a Maybelline, L’Oréal, Aveda, Head & Shoulders and more, are all loaded with sulfates. Consistent use is the killer, which can come years later.

Celebrity Haircare Stylist Chaz Dean has a formula for success when it comes to cleansing conditioners. Chaz Dean has many years in the business and he has become one of the hairstylists in the world. With so much knowledge, Dean developed his very own haircare line known as WEN by Chaz and it has become a fan favorite thanks to it’s efficiency. WEN by Chaz is a natural product line, which means that it lacks dangerous additives, but holds on to it’s organic source. Here are a few of the choices below:

Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner
Lavender Cleansing Conditioner
Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner
Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner
And many more

WEN by Chaz outperforms many of the other top brands if not all. Some of the benefits include added shine, more moisture, deeply cleansed, and overall better haircare health.

You can purchase Wen products at

Sujit Choudhry and Comparative Law Today

Comparative law entails the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to the differences and similarities between the laws of different nations. This means that it compares the various legal systems in existence, some of which include; civil law, common law, Islamic law, Hindu law, Chinese law, socialist law and even Canon law. With the increase in the global interaction through trade, tourism among other collaborations in the modern day, the knowledge of comparative law has grown in demand. This is because, with the increase in global co-operation to improve economies, there has been an increase in the flow of information, technology, goods, capital, and even individuals across borders. This Globalization concept makes it necessary to understand the different laws that govern the various borders among countries. Due to the understanding of this necessity, a couple of international universities offer comparative law as a course. There have also been individuals who have dedicated their work to making the importance and knowledge of comparative law known; Mr. Sujit Choudhry.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized authority in the comparative constitutional law and comparative political development. Sujit Choudhry, who is a professor of law has conducted research that covers an extensive diversity of issues in comparative constitutional law. Some of these issues include; constitutional design as a tool from violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics; constitutional design in ethnically divided societies; decentralization and secession; minority and group rights; basic methodological questions in comparative constitutional law among others.  According to ,He has also written and interpreted extensively on Canadian constitutional law, being his native country. It is important to note that he has published over ninety book chapters, articles, reports, and working papers.Hop over to this link

Sujit Choudhry also happens to be the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is the first of its kind by being university based. The function of this center is to generate and mobilize knowledge in support of constitution building. Sujit Choudhry is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has worked as a foreign constitutional expert in support of constitutional transitions in Egypt, Nepal, Jordan, Libya, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.

Conclusively, the Comparative law today is a major key to the current economic globalization and democratization. It opens up ideas on alternative norms, rules, and strategies of different legal systems from the various nations. This, therefore, means that the work of lawyers whether in the public service or private practice demands the knowledge of the law beyond one’s own borderline.  See this related link


Facts about James Dondero

James Dondero, is the co-founder and president, Highland capital management. One of most successful career man attained his high education in McIntire School of Commerce. He has further achieved numerous certifications in areas of account and management. Dondero is also a chartered financial analyst. He is also an experienced man having worked in the financial sector for more than 30 years.


Before the appointment, he worked in GIC as an investment officer and corporate bond as an analyst. Moreover his qualification has made him is part of the American Express and Morgan Guaranty.


He has further ben involved in giving back to the is manifested by giving out different donations and of the highest beneficiaries are the Family Palace. He gave about $1 million. The organization deals with helping those persons that are affected by family affairs mostly the kids. In ensuring the funds gets used up well, Highland Dallas Foundation was mandated to manage the resources. To ensure even the Family Palace achieves most Dondero’s firm pledged to grant half of the entire amount the Family Palace would rise in their campaign. On October 4 the Highland capital went ahead and paid half of the amount that had already got raised. The organization even portrayed its other trait of keeping their word.


The CEO confirmed that the group was not only focused on profits but also in seeing that there was an improvement in the lives of their clients and community as a whole. James Dondero said the organization engaged in the services of the call for the companies to assist the communities in fighting the various calamities affecting them. The CEO of family palace Paige Flint was so glad to see their collaboration that ensured that the services they would offer would be of high quality and done in full measure. He asked the other organization to show their kindness like the Highland capital and help the community in the various problems they encounter.


The leadership the Highland capital will ensure that company succeeds .their generous heart will see the organization gain quick popularity and appreciation. To the community, most of the problems will be solved easily by the inclusion of their various programs.

Bruce Levenson and his Team Sue Insurance Company

The former management of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. Bruce Levenson is currently the controlling partner of the group, and he says that the insurance company breached a contract signed several months ago. The case is about the former manager of the Hawks team, Danny Ferry.

According to news published on the PR website, the case was filed last year in September at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The New Hampshire Insurance Company, known to many as the AIG is believed to have acted in bad faith concerning Levenson’s corporation. Bruce Levenson and his team say that they should have been covered for all loses that involved employment practices including the wrongful termination of its workers and workplace torts. Levenson’s team believes that the insurance company should have covered the costs that were related to the termination of Danny Ferry in April 2015.

The leadership of the insurance company has not yet made any acknowledgment of the claims laid against it. However, UCG founder Bruce Levenson and his team are well prepared for the case in court. They have documented evidence concerning the contract. Bruce also claims that his team notified the insurance company earlier that they were supposed to pay out the insurance claims several months ago. AIG did not take any action, and this constitutes a breach of contract on the insurance company part. The basketball team is already owned by an organization led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler, and the case will not affect the team’s performance in the upcoming matches.

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