Jose Henrique Borghi; Taking the Advertising Industry By Storm

The success of any advertisement is solely dependent on the creativity and ability of the advert to capture prospective clients through addressing their needs and offering a workable solution, through the product being advertised. This has and continues to be the major driving force of the Brazilian advertising industry. Today, Brazil boasts of having the most creative advertising industry. This is evidenced by the numerous companies eg; American express, Honda, Unilever; outsourcing the expertise of Brazilian citizens.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of those individuals solely responsible for the growth of the advertising industry in Brazil. Henrique graduated from PUC Campinas, started his career in 1989. Full of Business ideas while lacking financial muscle, Henrique sought employment and landed it at the Standard Ogivly where he worked in the capacity of an editor. Henrique met Erh Ray while working at the Talent & Leo, upon exposing ideas the brainchild of what is today known as the Borghierh advertising agency. 2006 was an iconic year for the advertising agency, having lacked financial help from credit giving institutions, Jose sought to bring in Lowe as a partner, thus creating Borghi Lowe. This partnership offered the much needed financial muscle, since then then the advertising agency grew like a wild fire, receiving numerous accolades.

In a bid to conquer the global advertising industry, Borghi Lowe has recently partnered with Mullen and Lowe agency giving it new name Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi and Andre Lowe serve in the capacities of CEO’s in the company. Jose who is a firm believer in hard work has his sights set on making the advertising agency the best in the world.

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Jason Hope’s Internet of Things Advice

Jason Hope can be considered somewhat of an Internet expert. He is a technology entrepreneur and he works almost exclusively on the Internet. He tries to make sure that he can do new things and try new opportunities so that are profitable and that he can use to help other people. This is all related to the Internet of Things and he does what he can to show people that there are more options available to them when they use the Internet of Things.

Thanks to Jason Hope, people are now able to use the Internet of Things in their daily lives to make things easier and safer while they are doing regular tasks on a daily basis. Jason Hope has done what he can to promote the Internet of Things and often talks about the many uses that it has in daily life and other, extraordinary situations that people are in. You can also visit his Facebook profile :

One of the things that is going to make daily life better with the Internet of Things is how it will make flying easier. Not only can it make the actual act of flying simpler and more successful but it will be able to make the flying experience better for everyone who is a part of it. Jason Hope knows that being on a plane can be uncomfortable and disappointing but he also knows that having the Internet of Things available will make the flight that much easier.Jason Hope wants people to know that the best things about network connections and activities can be had when he does things on the Internet of Things.Despite the fact that this is being used on a day-to-day basis by people around the world, the Internet of Things is actually making strides in the medical community. It is helping people get the medical attention that they need in remote areas. It is also helping others to pinpoint those who have been in accidents through GPS. The world is not only more convenient because of the Internet of Things but it is also a place that is much safer for people to live in.

Sawyer Howitt Helps People with Racquetball Opportunities

Racquetball is a popular sport in Portland because the weather makes it difficult for people to be able to play other sports that are normally outside. It is not only popular but most people are successful at it if they have the time to practice in the way that Sawyer Howitt did. He worked hard at playing racquetball and the sport became a huge part of his life. It was also something that he was dedicated to doing and something that he knew he would be able to make a big part of his life as he got older and tried to do more with it. Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball expert who knows the right way to do things to make his own life better and help people with the opportunities that they need in their lives. Sawyer Howitt wants to make sure that things are working better and that they are going to work out for a lot of different people.

Starting at a young age, Sawyer Howitt would play racquetball with his dad. Since his dad owned his own company, he had a lot of time that he was able to spend with him at the court and doing things that they enjoyed together. Sawyer learned quickly that he was good at racquetball and that he would be able to continue doing it if that was something that he chose. He also knew that racquetball could be a great outlet for himself while he was in school.

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As a high school champion, Sawyer Howitt wanted to go further with his racquetball career. He knew that it would probably be difficult to do this, though, and chose to make sure that he was going to be able to help other people with the opportunities that they had. He also knew that showing other people the right way to do things was necessary. Sawyer Howitt decided that he could become a mentor for those who wanted to learn how to play racquetball. He chose to tell them about the different things that they could do and what techniques they could use to get better at the game.


The Interesting History of Kabbalistic Wisdom

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was one of the first individuals to embrace the Kabbalistic way of life. In 1922, Ashlag dedicated his effort to make this knowledge known and readily available for those who wished to study it. He also wrote articles and books about Kabbalah Centre, and it is with these tools that he imparted this knowledge to his apprentice Rav Yehuda Tzi Brandwein, who then passed it on the mantle to Rav Berg to learn more: click here.

Beliefs associated with Kabbalah

Kabbalah tries to explore the hidden knowledge of God that is unseen by most people. Kabbalah wisdom is postulated to have been passed from the genealogy of Adam to Moses. In the past, only married Jewish men above the age of 40 practiced Kabbalah. However, knowledge of Kabbalah was never meant to be limited to a particular group of people. It was the conservative nature of the Jewish community that made Kabbalah appears secretive, hindering its spread. In the 18th century, after the discovery of the printing press, many books were published, enabling the proliferation of the sacred knowledge.

The past and the present

Kabbalah is wisdom based on the book of Zohar written by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and Rav Abba and was authored in the 2nd century. A big part of the book was written in Aramaic, and it contains hidden knowledge about creation. Around the 20th century, people practicing Kabbalistic ways engaged in rituals, worship, and study of Torah, believing that these practices linked them to God. Additionally, they practiced meditations, pilgrimages to spiritual places, and midnight study sessions.

Before the 20th century, Kabbalah was intertwined with Jewish rituals and practices. In the years 1500 to 1800, Jewish communities living in Europe and the Middle East had a clear understanding of Kabbalah. In 1900, the knowledge became widespread in Jerusalem. Rav and his wife, Karen, were responsible for introducing Kabbalah in the United States. They set up several centers in the US and recruited many teachers. When Rav Berg passed on in 2004, his wife took over and she still runs activities of various Kabbalah centers across the U.S. Since Kabbalah attained a global recognition, many books have been published to encourage its followers.

Desiree Perez Tough and influential Roc Executive

Jay Z had signed a $150 million contract contract with Live Nation in 2008. The ten-year deal contract is now about to come to a close. The contract, according to a music insider, will not be extended though the live nation had bought into the rights of artists and recorded music. That is because it is no longer in the business of music, and those contracts are not being extended. Thus, this is the reason that Jay Z is searching for other bigwigs in the music industry to take his stake at Roc Nation in his recorded music trade. As the contract comes to an end, it could prompt a buy-sell denoting that either side of the parties involved could sell the stake they have at Roc Nation to the other or might even buy the firm outright. However, there are sources which claim that the long-standing relationship Live Nation has with Jay Z is lucrative and they might want to maintain it for years.  Continue reading on

Jay and Desiree Perez, who is his top Roc Executive, were spotted coming out of a meeting with the CEO of Universal Music group Lucian Grainge which lead to speculations that UMG could purchase some stake in Roc Nation. This move could help Jay Z get some more resources to bolster his streaming service and advance new performers and be able to compete with Spotify services and Apple Music.  For related article, head over to this.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a producer that has worked on projects like Change: The LifeParticle Effect in 2013 and On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. She is known to be a close companion with Jay Z with an almost 20-year relationship. She has also had a long track running with SC enterprises. She is competent for such a position since she is good with figures, is a hard and aggressive mediator, and has a unique history. She has taken part in negotiating the Beyoncé Formation Stadium as was part of the Samsung deal by Rihanna. More to read on  She is also a part of a joint deal that runs the whole Roc Nation, the sections of management, publishing, and labeling operations. She drives the forces that are behind Tidal. The collection is known as Hova Circle of influence.  Check this on

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How George Soros is Guiding Progressive Politics Once Again

The Ferguson Protests that erupted across the country back in 2015 were a pivotal moment in the lives of people around the nation. For a moment in time voices were united in order to rise out and demand equality of treatment from the police force. This was a defining moment in the social justice movement and it didn’t happen by accident. At the center of all of the protesting there was a man by the name of George Soros. George Soros is an investor, philanthropist, and renowned progressive individual. His focus has been for years to increase the political outreach of social justice and to make activism the part of everyday Americans. His goal, in essence was to bring power back to the people rather than leaving it in Washington.

The Ferguson Protests served as a stunning reminder the power that grassroots activism can bring to the people. Of course, activism can’t take hold without someone there to help keep everyone employed. That is why George Soros was donating nearly $30 million to grassroots activists in the city of Ferguson and the surrounding areas. The Open Society Foundations has always been focused on bringing this kind of support to the important political activists that represent actual change. Kenneth Zimmerman, a spokesperson for George Soros and the Open Societies Foundation, pointed out: “Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society.” Learn more about his profile at

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations aren’t just beholden to social issues out ‘in the field’. In fact, Soros made his long awaited return to the political machine this past year to aid Hillary Clinton as she ran against Donald Trump during the Presidential Election. The return of George Soros to the political world could make huge waves in the coming years as Soros seeks to re-establish himself as a keynote activist for progressive causes. Soros last was a major player in United States politics in 2004 when he supported Al Gore’s Presidential election bid. Gore didn’t win, having come short in one of the most controversial elections the United States had ever seen.

But back is back and now George Soros is trying to make a difference with progressive causes against a Donald Trump presidency. During the election campaign Soros contributed more than $25 million to democratic tickets ll up and down the ballot. He gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign nearly $7 million by way of her own Super PAC and he donated up and down the line up in equal measure, making sure to contribute the entire way. Michael Vachon, a political adviser to George Soros, said: “The political stakes are exceptionally high. They were high even before Trump became the nominee.” Vachon’s words ring true and they definitely only going to echo in power in the coming years.

George Soros is back and he is going to play the part of progressive with a cause. Look for Soros to become an even bigger player on the world’s political stage. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Boraie’s 40 Year Vision Brings Free Movies to New Brunswick This Summer

Continuing their 40 year vision of New Brunswick development, Boraie Development, LLC announced their partnership with The Provident Bank Foundation to provide free movies to residents of the community through their Free Summer Movie Series.

Beginning July 12th and continuing each Wednesday for 6 weeks, residents will be able to view the film offerings at the State Theatre at 10:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The family-themed screenings will include “Frozen,” “E.T., The Extraterrestrial,” “Despicable Me,” “Babe,” “Monster’s University” and “Aladdin.”

The Free Summer Movie Series maintains the ongoing positive impact and vision that founder and President of Boarie Development, Omar Boraie has held for the city beginning in 1972.

Boraie describes the changed condition of the community today from where it was in the early 1970’s. “You couldn’t [even] walk on the streets after 4 p.m,” he recollects. Nonetheless, he forged ahead oftentimes drawing skepticism from others with his plans to re-build the city.

One of his first projects and the current location of his 8th floor office, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, increased the attractiveness of the area during the 1980’s and 1990’s by providing long-overdue Class A office space. Building on the success of this development, Boraie’s Tower Two project, located adjacent to Tower One, was finished in 2003.

Four years later, One Street Plaza condominium complex brought New York-style high-rise living to the residents of New Jersey. Having 400 parking spaces, 40,000 square feet of office space, 121 residential units and 10,000 square feet of retail space the highly successful project was sold out in 2 months prior to its completion in 2007. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

About Boraie Development, LLC

Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ, Boraie Development, LLC’s 30 year track record of successful real estate projects has made the company one of the most in demand real estate developers in New Jersey. The firm focuses on all types of urban development projects including, construction, planning, management and sales and marketing. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

About Omar Boraie

Known as “The Visionary who Transformed New Brunswick,” Omar Boraie’s, President and founder of Boarie Development, drive and unwavering commitment to his real estate development dream has lifted the city from its state of stagnation in the 1970’s to comparisons with Cambridge, MA and Ann Arbor, MI.

In March, 2016, Sam Boraie was recognized for his contribution to Rutger’s Cancer Institute resulting In the establishment of a chair in genomics. He describes his motivation for the contribution as part of his life-long goal of seeing New Brunswick become the center of cancer research and innovation.

Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

The recent past has seen the Brazilian Advertisement Industry grow to become one of the best advertisement platforms in the world. The need for effective advertisement need not be over emphasized due to the looming reality that the success of any business big or small startup or preexisting depends on successful advertisement strategies.Jose Henrique Borghi is one of those individuals responsible for the success witnessed by the Brazilian advertisement industry. Borghi is the co-founder of a leading advertising agency now known a Mullen Lowe.

Borghi who is a Brazilian Native, holds advertising credentials from PUC-Campinas. Upon completion of his studies Borgi was full of ideas and was looking to start up his own advertising enterprise but lacked the financial muscle to do so. He sought employment and worked at the Standard Ogivly in the capacity of an editor. He went on to work at other advertising companies building his reputation and mastering the art of advertisement. BorgiErh was founded when Erh Ray met and agreed shared their mutual ideas.This has greatly contributed to the growth of this firm.

This venture met a lot of challenges owing to the fact that credit giving institutions would not advance them any loan. In 2006, Lowe partnered with BorghiErh to create what is today known as BorghiLowe.Since its inception the advertising agency has made a name for itself in the advertising world. Borghi and Lowe serve in the capacity of CEO’s and have both made and maintained reputation as the best advertising agency in the world.

Supporting People to Achieve Financial Success

Financial independence is a goal for every individual. Financial support is essential in developing people financially. Bruce Bent II is a financial advisor who gives actionable financial advice to his clients. This enables people to develop economically and achieve their goals in life. Bruce has developed products that enable financial development for both companies and individuals. The society can develop economically using the different products that he has created. The products are technologically enabled. They are easy to use, and people can navigate the products amicably. The products have proven their efficiency. Many companies have applied them, and they have achieved economic development.

It is important to note that Bruce also gives informed solutions for people to avoid financial mistakes. His company known as Double Rock company has become a market leader in the industry. This is attributed to the resources that it has offered. They have become very effective in the society. He targets the entrepreneurs so that they can develop their companies. This gives his company a credible name in the industry. Most financial advisors are expensive and give financial advice that does not bear fruits. Bruce Bent II is affordable. He offers actionable financial plans.

His proven ability to lead and conduct himself professionally with like-minded people enables him to lead effectively at his company. He cultivates leadership in others and enables them to lead the other departments. He supports the growth of the company and his consumers. This ensures that even the employees at his company attain financial independence. This is a major motivation for the people he works with because they get to benefit holistically at the enterprise. Bruce Bent II is the chairperson of Young Presidents’ Organization. This is a group of young people who lead organization. This shows that his leadership skills are exemplary. He has used his skills to develop the group and to develop every person to achieve the mission and vision of the organization. Financial independence is a desire for all individuals. People should consider developing themselves using the available opportunities at their disposal.

Omar Yunes Best National and International Franchisee Winner 2015

November 2015 was a good month for Mr. Omar as he was awarded first place in the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) 2015 in its first Mexican version. This was in recognition for his contributions to Sushi Itto, through the case “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee.”

Omar Yunes Background
Omar became a franchisee for Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain, at only twenty-one years of age. At the moment, he owns 13 units of the franchise located in Puebla, Veracruz, as well as Mexico City. These units represent about 10% of what Sushi Itto brand owns.

Mr. Yunes is very proud to have won the award and says that he is only a representative and that the prize, in reality, is for the four hundred employees working in his units management as well as the Sushi Itto brand for allowing them to be innovative. Yunes is a creative leader who cares for his staff.

Best Franchisee Winner Award 2015 Edition
The 2015 edition for BFW had representatives from 34 countries in attendance, including Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. BFW is a global event which recognizes the efforts as well as the trajectory of franchisees of different franchise brands. The countries represented selected from the national version of the event and combined the best outstanding brands franchisees. BFW recognizes the efforts, contributions, and work to the brand enrichment of the franchisees.

The franchisee, Omar Yunes, was evaluated based on network effectiveness and not the brand. Aspects like network level of influence, knowledge contribution, employee motivation, invoice, implementation of savings, improvements proposed by the model, were considered. The competition’s objective was to reward innovation, leadership, teamwork, and implementation of constant improvement procedures in service to the franchise. Also, attitude of identity and commitment of franchises is rewarded.

Mr. Diego Elizarrarrás reiterated that Omar is viewed as a significant change factor in the relationship between the franchising and franchisee, achieving a healthier management of informing and implementing boards of control to assist in having better measurements of units. Mr. Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO, commented that the awards showed a combined determination to offer a remarkable flavor, excellent customer service, and exceptional hospitality.