An Appraisal of James Dondero’s Conservation Efforts

Undeniably, James Dondero’s name is legend within the corporate scene due to the success that his firm Highland Capital Management has had. Beside this, he has distinguished himself as a passionate philanthropist, something that has endeared him to Fort Worth and Dallas residents. In case you are new these sides, you may be left wondering why this man commands so much respect amongst the common folk. Well, his philanthropic initiatives have changed the livelihoods of tens of residents. He has similarly been actively supporting local based development projects.

For decades, Dondero’s undying devotion and unquestionable philanthropic acts have helped transform public amenities including education institutions. However, his latest act has left tongues wagging. He funded the re-establishment of a modern hippo center at the Dallas Zoo. This move has been welcomed by the city’s zoo-goers because it is bound to revive what was once the zoo’s most attractive spot. After waiting for 18 months, animal lovers in Dallas can now visit The Hippo Habitat and revel in the beauty of these animals.

Conservation Partnerships Dondero made a donation amounting to one million dollars towards the re-establishment of The Hippo Habitat. Most of the money was channeled towards the construction of a habitat area and a viewing area that offers spectacular views of the animals. To ensure that the project succeeds, Dondero also brought on board organizations such as the Eugene McDemott Foundation, Hal Brierly, and the Harold Simmons Foundation.

About James Dondero

Jim as he prefers to be called, is an accomplished entrepreneur in the money markets. He has had an outstanding 3-decade career. During this time, Mr. James Dondero has carved a niche for himself for being an insightful, instinctive, and a forward-looking investment advisor. Beside this, he has become known for having a hands-on approach towards corporate leadership.

Jim is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he graduated with a finance and accounting degree. Before venturing into the murky waters of entrepreneurship, he was a management-level employee at Protective Life and American Express. He established Highland Capital Management in 1993 after realizing that most investment advisory services were not offering services tailor-made to suits the needs of the market. Jim also sits on the boards of several companies including NexBank.

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