James Dondero Proudly Helps the Dallas Zoo

James Dondero is co-founder and president of Highland Capital Group. Funds that he oversees have won Morningstar’s five-star designation for global allocation. Morningstar has also previously declared the company number one in healthcare long/short equity fund. This Dallas-based company has also run the Lipper Award for floating rate opportunities. Many in Dallas are very aware of the outstanding philanthropy that James Dondero is involved in regularly.

Visitors to the Dallas Zoo can visit the hippopotamus exhibit that James Dondero’s company helped fund. This new addition was very challenging to construct because hippopotamuses are incredibly strong. Therefore, the exhibit had to be constructed to withstand the damage that the 4,000 pound animals can do. Additionally, the exhibit had to be designed so that large amounts of water could be moved through small and large pools frequently.

The zoo’s hard work paid off very well when two new hippopotamuses came to live at the Dallas Zoo. Guests often see Adhama who is six years old rolling in the water inside his new cage like a choreographed swimmer. Meanwhile, visitors can also view Boipelo playing with apples that are her favorite treat. This 10-year-old hippo is shyer than her new mate. Other times, visitors can see the hippopotamuses relaxing in the sand next to each other.

James Dondero is very proud of the work that his company has helped pay for during the project. He thanks Linda Owen and the Dallas Foundation for their extraordinary efforts to bring this costly project to fruition. He also thanks his customers that put faith in his investment skills because without them Highland Capital would not be able to assist this worthwhile project.

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