Dick DeVos Supports Charity and Education Reforms through Family Foundation

Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos, his wife, have been making news headlines following their political donations in the American political landscape. With a strong political background, the two have been garnering positive public recognition. This is however not the only platform that Dick and DeVos have been gaining publicity. The duo has been participating in many charity causes. Betsy DeVos believes that education is the foundation of a better society. She has been on the forefront of promoting modern education systems in America. On the other hand, Dick has been facilitating charity and political donations. The couple works as a team. Struck by the positive feedback they have received from the citizens, Dick and Betsy DeVos decided to come clean on the amount they have spent on charity and political donations. The amount channeled towards charity is approximately $139 million.


Education Reforms


On the other side, Betsy DeVos has taken up to the stage of education reforms. She is committed to supporting modern education systems that improve accessibility and learning environments. Betsy has been promoting education reforms through public speech, donations as well as political movements. As she joins her husband in lifting the veil by revealing the millions they have channeled towards education reforms, it is correct to say that the DeVos family has been instrumental in promoting change across the United States of America. Most of the money channeled towards charity was sent to education reforms through their family foundation called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy’s passion for promoting education reforms rooted from her visit at the Potter’s School. She noticed that some children did not enjoy the leisure that comes with modern education systems. From that visit, she delved into aggressive campaigns towards education reforms.




Dick and Betsy DeVos are patriots. The couple serves at the Aviation Academy of West Michigan as patrons. This is a foundation that Dick established. Under their guidance, the academy has supported needy children. There is also an organization called the American Federation for Children which is dedicated to supporting the less fortunate children in the society. Looking at the donations of the foundations, Dick and Betsy DeVos have been aggressively pivotal to the needs of the community.


Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is Betsy’s husband. The duo is a famous figure in America. Dick is an entrepreneur but knowledgeable about critical societal issues including philanthropy. He also participates in positive political reforms in America. Presently, Dick serves as the president of an energy solutions company called Windquest. He also serves as the chairman of Amway Corporation. This is a company that capitalizes on sales. Dick’s experience extends to Willow Creek Association as well as West Michigan Aviation. He is the head cheerleader and is committed to fostering peace and development to the society.


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