Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

Jose Borghi: Redefining Advertisment

The recent past has seen the Brazilian Advertisement Industry grow to become one of the best advertisement platforms in the world. The need for effective advertisement need not be over emphasized due to the looming reality that the success of any business big or small startup or preexisting depends on successful advertisement strategies.Jose Henrique Borghi is one of those individuals responsible for the success witnessed by the Brazilian advertisement industry. Borghi is the co-founder of a leading advertising agency now known a Mullen Lowe.

Borghi who is a Brazilian Native, holds advertising credentials from PUC-Campinas. Upon completion of his studies Borgi was full of ideas and was looking to start up his own advertising enterprise but lacked the financial muscle to do so. He sought employment and worked at the Standard Ogivly in the capacity of an editor. He went on to work at other advertising companies building his reputation and mastering the art of advertisement. BorgiErh was founded when Erh Ray met and agreed shared their mutual ideas.This has greatly contributed to the growth of this firm.

This venture met a lot of challenges owing to the fact that credit giving institutions would not advance them any loan. In 2006, Lowe partnered with BorghiErh to create what is today known as BorghiLowe.Since its inception the advertising agency has made a name for itself in the advertising world. Borghi and Lowe serve in the capacity of CEO’s and have both made and maintained reputation as the best advertising agency in the world.

Alexandre Gama Returns To Neogama And Maintains A Link To BBH

In 1996, Alexandre Gama decided the time had come to establish his own advertising agency after spending almost two decades working in New York and Brazil as one of the world’s most prolific advertising and communications specialists. Neogama proved to be a major success for Gama after he brought his many years of experience and creative flair to the newly formed agency, which became the first Brazilian agency to win a Lion at Cannes in 1999.

The success Alexandre Gama achieved with Neogama eventually led to a partnership agreement being signed between the company and the global advertising and communications giant BBH of London; Alexandre has acted as the CCO for BBH and Neogama ever since until his decision to return to a more creative aspect of the industry was revealed at the start of 2016.

Alexandre Gama is a well known figure in Brazil after heading a number of the best known campaigns in the history of the Brazilian industry. Gama will now look to pursue new campaigns for the Neogama company and explore his other interests of sports cars as he also looks to expand the Neogama brand into the technology he feels will become even more important in the future.