Julia Jackson Continues the Family Wine Tradition

Julia Jackson shares that she’s also had an interest in the wine industry. After all, her family has been in the business for quite some time. Jackson is the middle child of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke of Jackson Family Wines, and has added the family business to her impressive list of accomplishments.

Jackson is a native of San Francisco and was born in 1988. She remembers her father making her and her siblings pick and separate grapes in extremely hot weather while he emphasized the importance of working hard. Julia recalls that her father always make sure his sure appreciated the process of becoming successful and didn’t take anything for granted.

After school and in the summertime, Julia worked at many of the family’s wineries and formed a lifelong friendship with the daughter of one of the family’s employees. The girl only spoke French, which piqued Julia’s interest in the language and led her to spend a summer in Bordeaux. While there, Jackson immersed herself in the culture and learned about French methods for making wine. After mastering French, she also took a sixth grade teaching position while in college.

Now, Julia Jackson works with her family as part of the sales team at Jackson Family Wines. She is responsible for introducing the intricacies of wine to a younger generation, and is qualified to appeal to a world market.

How EOS Demolished Competitors

EOS is a favorite lip balm among everyone, especially millennials. With its innovative sphere design and it’s creative flavors, EOS lip balms are now the second best selling balm in the market. Fast Company’s article, The Untold Story of How Lip Blam Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, gives every detail of the company’s journey to success.

How Did the Sphere Come Into Play?

The article describes in detail how the makers decided on the innovative shape, that caught the eyes of so many people. They made this choice so that the product would stand out against the normal tube shape that every other similar product on the market. They wanted a package that would feel good in the consumer’s hand.

Engaging all Five Senses

Not only did EOS want a product that felt good in the consumer’s hand, but they wanted a product that engaged all five senses. They decided on unique scents, bright and pastel colors, soft packaging, and yummy flavors like this one: http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791, to give the user the ultimate lip balm experience.

EOS has changed the lip balm game. After getting picked up by major retailers they soon beat out their competitors to reach the number two spot in the market. Talk about impressive. EOS products are available on Ulta, Walmart and Target stores nationwide.

Online or In-Person, Fabletics Has an Activewear Solution

Fabletics, the subscription-based online retailer, is expanding its horizons outside of the digital world and has begun opening good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores which sell their line of fashionable, affordable athletics wear. This combination of online and offline business offers customers a unique opportunity for revitalizing their look while they exercise or just live their lives. Previously, Fabletics’ business model looked like this:

You log onto Adweek (read here) and are directed to a lifestyle quiz designed to teach the service about your style and workout habits. After you complete the quiz, you are presented with a small selection of outfits based on your responses. The beginning of this process is obligation-free, you will not be charged until you make a selection from these outfits or any other outfit from the website’s catalog. Your first outfit will cost you $25 on Pinterest, and upon your purchase you will be signed up for their monthly service which allows you to choose a new outfit to be delivered to your door once a month for about $50, or opt out any time before the sixth of each month for no charge.

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With their new, physical stores, the entire Fabletics experience can change for prospective customers. You can either treat them as any other store, where you go in, check out the selection, make your purchase and nothing more, or you can use the store to try on Fabletics’ clothes, see if you like how they look and feel and then make your first purchase and sign up for Fabletics VIP–their subscription service–right there in the store. For many people, the ability to try on the clothes before they make a decision to sign up may be the factor that convinces them that the clothes are worth it, and no matter the location the prices are the same with VIP.

Fabletics already has seven physical locations, and they are hoping to expand this number to 100 within the next three years. With this expanded reach, many more customers will have the opportunity and flexibility that the online-offline hybrid model offers, and the experience will be allowed to become even more personalized than it already is, fitting the comforts and preferences of the customer and offering options for those who aren’t quite tech-savvy enough to handle all of their shopping online.