Who Is Eric Pulier?

Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier knew that he had some big goals. At a young age, he began chasing those goals when he started programming computers. While that was certainly impressive for his young age he went beyond that when he started his own company. In high school, he created a database company. Once completed his high school career he went on to the prestigious Havard University where he studied English and American Literature. He graduated with high honors and at the same time took classes at MIT.


After having an extremely successful educational career, Eric Pulier went on to chase an even more impressive business career. In 1991 People Doing Things was founded. People Doing Things is a technology based company that used technology to face issues such as education and health care. Following that he went on to found another company in 1994. Eric Pulier created Digital Evolution which is an interactive agency which eventually went on to join forces with US Interactive LLC.


After his success in his career, he went on to create a something that served a greater purpose. It was at that moment that Starbright World. Starbright World is a social media network for children who are suffering from chronic illness. On this website, they can interact with kids like them and express themselves in an understanding atmosphere.


Continuing his passion for helping others, Eric Pulier invested a lot of time and money into other ways to help people. The Painted Turtle shared a similar agenda as Starbright World. The Painted Turtle is a camp for children who also have a chronic illness. At this camp, children can get a real camp experience while spending time with other children going through similar things. Eric Pulier puts helping others at the top of his priority list, especially when it comes to helping children.


Eric Pulier did more before the age of 18 than most do in a lifetime. Although he experienced success at such a young age he did not slow down in adulthood. He continued to strive for greatness and at the same time spread happiness to people who were not as lucky in life. Eric Pulier is an inspiration that anyone can look up to.