The Legacy of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama, the CEO, COO and the founder of Neogama an institution which is among the 20 best advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama was born the 1st of June 1958 in Rio de Janeiro; he is a known Brazilian genius entrepreneur in dealing with advisement industry.

He is a great personality that helps him to be recognized, and even one time he was elected to be the leader of the global network of agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer of the BBH (the British-based agency network). He has even been in rare seats where a committee of six people worldwide creative leaders of different agencies of the global holding enterprises discuss.

Alexandre Gama is an erudite scholar who completed his undergraduate degree in Armando Alvares Pentado Foundation in Advertising and communication, immediately after school he started toward achieving his dream that was way back in 1982 at Standard and Ogivily where he operated there as a copywriter.

He moved to DM9 after 8 years in 1990 as a copywriter and creative director for four years and then late moved to BBDO as the shareholder than again found greener pasture in in Young and Rubicam as the CCO, CEO and member of the global board in the year 1996. Gama decided enough is enough he started his company.





Doug Levitt Uses Creativity To Solve Humanity’s Problems

A lot of people say art is meant to entertain and show people a mirror image of everyday life. However, art is more than that. Art is not just meant to show people human nature. It is also meant to help correct human nature. Some of the best creations have shown people a look at their true nature and got them talking because it has made them uncomfortable. While it is good to have productions that simply entertain, there is room for more than that. Art can also be used to educate. This is what Doug Levitt has sought to do with his career.


One thing that he wanted to do with music and writing is address many issues in the world. Among the issues that he has addressed is how society treats the poor and the struggling. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that society has not only stereotyped the poor but also dehumanized them. Once people lose their livelihood and become one of the struggling, they get to experience a lot of the harsh treatment they have only heard about. Fortunately, Doug Levitt has decided to shine some light on this issue so that people can see that poor people are every bit as deserving of respect as their more prosperous counterparts.


Doug Levitt has come across all types of poor people. Among the people he has dealt with are the brokenhearted, broken spirited, and hopeful. The hopeful are very inspiring in that they make sure that they present themselves with dignity. They do not allow their life circumstances to define them all the way through. Doug Levitt uses these stories to not only inspire but to bring about a different look at the less fortunate. As a result, people will be more likely to give them the help they truly need.