Finding A Company to Work in The Keywords

The most effective strategy for SEO is to target the SEO with keywords. There is a lot that goes into optimizing a website or blog with SEO. As a matter of fact, there is so much that goes into it that many people quit because they can’t figure it out themselves. Fortunately, there is a company that knows how to provide optimized content. They will provide the content for their clients for a fee. They know how to present well written content with keywords properly placed and with relevant content.


The best companies organize their business procedures through steps. First they look at the client and learn about the niche he is working in. Then they look at his website. After that, they look at the keywords that suit the topics based on what is searched the most and the competition of the keywords. They then determine what keywords work best for the topics. After that, they provide content that is not only optimize but filled with information that is helpful for people that are searching for it. For people that are looking for a good SEO company, they need to find out who is trustworthy and performs white hat tactics.


One example of a white hat SEO company is White Shark Media. White Shark Media performs white hat and ethical tactics that not only get sites to rank highly in search engines, but get them to keep their high rankings so that they can keep making profits. Every client that they have worked with has experienced a steady increase in sales and income. They continue to go back to them for more content. White Shark Media has plenty of years of experience when it comes to keyword research and other forms of optimization. So they can be trusted in helping sites rank higher.


Among the things that go into SEO that companies like White Shark Media can handle is using tools to figure out how well the keywords would work for them. While it is easy to rank high for the less-competitive keywords, it is not going to make a lot of difference in traffic. The highly competitive keywords are the ones that are worth ranking on the first page for since many people search those keywords. Once a business has many people clicking on one of their articles for ranking high on the targeted keyword, all they have to look at is the conversion rate.


Remaking Your Reputation: How One Company Bounced Back from PR Disaster

Dealing with the public is an integral part of any business. This is especially true in the case of companies trying to make it happen during the prevalent age of the internet. Status Labs, an Austin based online reputation firm, has specialized for so long in helping customers deal with their own crisis that it was a shocking turn around when they were suddenly on the defensive end. Status Labs President, and co-founder, Darius Fisher took some time to really look into how his company managed to overcome an embarrassing public gaffe.

Fisher is the first to point out that a solid reputation starts from the top down with solid leadership.

The first thing that Fisher did was garner a vote to have the offending executive removed from the company. Next up Fisher knew that he needed to assuage the fears of his own employees who were suddenly rightfully afraid for the future of their jobs. So Fisher put together an open letter that he sent to his employees, detailing how the company would respond and grow from the public reputation disaster.

Fisher admits that the environment at Status Labs had suddenly changed thanks to the negative energy that was beginning to pour out: reporters were hounding the office, negative comments were being posted online, and employees were beginning to quit. So Fisher focused first of all on changing inner office culture. He decided to create some ways to garner team chemistry amongst his employees. This meant that the office would cater lunch once a week, allow dogs into the office if they were trained, and even organize team kayaking trips.

Addressing the inner office turmoil was just the start of Fisher’s multi pronged response but it proved to be the most effective aspect. Status Labs has since bounced back to service over 1,000 businesses in countries all over the planet.