My Top five favorite Beneful products

I love my all-white-coated German Sheppard Wednesday and she loves me because we love and care for each other, I pamper her with the best dog food on earth, Beneful, a product of Nestle Purinastore which she has picked five favorite flavor varieties as follows…
Dry Dog Food with Salmon When she is feeling a little sluggish, this wonderful blend of real salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots is the light and lively pick me up she craves.

Playful Life dry dog food When Wednesday is feeling feisty, I know to feed her the high protein of beef, eggs, and vegetables in Playful Life variety to keep her going all day, she loves it!

Originals: with real chicken Her regular favorite for most days is Beneful’s Originals with real chicken, this gives her the nutrition and energy she needs from real chicken, vegetables, and whole grains.

Wet Dog Food – Chopped Blends – Turkey When I feel like spoiling her, I give Wednesday a serving of this variety of wet dog food, Chopped Blends, with real and delicious pieces of Turkey, Spinach, and Brown Rice, she really eats this up quick.

Dog Treats – Dental Twists – Peanut Butter Lastly, not only do I want Wednesday to feel healthy and keep a shiny coat, but I also want her to appear healthy with clean teeth, and good breath, so to help and assist with this I feed her these particular treats which can take her a good thirty minutes to get through one, but boy o’ boy does she feel good after I give her one.

In conclusion, over countless experiments and many trips to the Wal-Mart store, once we found Beneful we knew we found our favorite, now I can easily order online and she gets a new supply of food and treats every two weeks, it’s so much easier and convienent, if you have a beloved pup as do I, then I highly suggest Beneful‘s line of wonderful products.

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