George Soros; Philanthropist and Human Rights Hero

A few years ago, Ukraine was under heavy protests and violent political outcries. The country was experiencing a drastic change on many fronts. George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, has had a major influence in the views of where the Ukrainian government stands. Mr. George Soros has been a prominent international supporter of democratic ideals and causes for over three decades. His political view and support of seeing Ukraine regain a positive stance in this world has been highly supported by government leaders around the world.

When European Parliament election and presidential election in Ukraine took place back in May of 2014, George Soros was at the forefront demonstrating his talented ability of the written word and brought about a very intriguing article on how the Ukrainian people demonstrated their wish for association with the European Parliament. George Soros wrote about how Ukraine’s desire to become part of the EU could mean great things for all of Europe and how Europe needed to help their sovereign brothers and sisters of the great country of Ukraine.

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In another very interesting and insightful article that George wrote back in February of 2014, he talked about a historic event that took place that year that involved the Ukrainian uprising. In the article, George wrote about how a brave group of Ukrainian citizens who had nothing else but sticks and shields made out of cardboard and garbage-can lids took on heavily armed police forces who were firing live ammunition. This meant that the Ukrainian people were ready for a revolution and ready for something new to happen and they needed Europe to back them up. George was able to bring such events to life through the written word for others from around the world to realize what kind of events are taking place in Europe.

George Soros is the founder and creator of the Open Society Foundations. He was born in Budapest in the 1930s. It was rough growing up for Mr. Soros and during the Nazi occupation that took place during the second world war, he fleed from his war-turn land and made it his mission to make it to London where he would be safe from the Nazi occupation. It was there that he enrolled in the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in economics. Only a few years later, he ended up going across the pond into America where he was able to acquire the American dream and obtain a very handsome fortune that he received through the international investment fund he funded himself and managed. He has also written multiple books and has written essays about politics, society, and economics. His works have been published throughout the globe on major newspapers and big-time magazines reaching thousands of people who enjoy his work. For almost 40 years, George Soros has been an active philanthropist where he has started various funds to assist students from almost every racial background to obtain a higher education.

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