Life Hacks from Wengie

Wengie is a popular YouTube vlogger with over 4.4 million subscribers. She posts fun, colorful videos that give viewers beauty, health, and life tips. In a recent video titled 10 Life Hacks You Must Try, Wengie provides some useful and simple tips to try at home. A few of her hacks include using everyday household items in unexpected ways. One hack is to use a normal razor to remove lint from a sweater, making it look brand new. Another helpful tip is to use a staple remover to get keys off of those difficult to maneuver key chains.

Wengie also has some great organizational ideas. Hack number six involves trying on clothes. Any discarded items should be put on the bed instead of the floor so that they must be folded and put away before sleeping. She also shows viewers how to use a rectangular piece of cardboard, and a clear plastic bag, to create a sturdy paper holder to use in a backpack. Another helpful hack is to stack everything important for the day by the door; phone, books, keys, etc. Doing this means they won’t be forgotten when leaving in a rush.

These are just a few of the great hacks shown in this particular video. To see more tips, and to see the ones mentioned above in action, head over to her channel and watch the video 10 Life Hacks You Must Try. While you’re there, subscribe to her channel so you can see more valuable advice, and unique content.

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Brown Modelling Agency: Modeling and Talent Agency

The Brown Agency is a modelling and talent agency that came to Austin early in 2010. Already having made a name for itself, the agency quickly grew and created big market standards and expectations that weren’t seen in the location before. Since opening they have allowed models to work at very distinguished and popular brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota and Loreal.

The Brown Agency focuses a lot on its talent, and makes sure that their models have the resources they need to be successful. Their models have appeared at different high profile fashion shows, such as Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim week and many others. They focus on selecting the best models they can find and preparing them to be professional and successful within the modelling world.

The Brown Agency often has open calls for models. They are usually every Thursday from three to four in the evening. Any potential applicants are urged to bring their resume and a few pictures.