Sawyer Howitt And His Racquetball Career

Sawyer Howitt is one of the finest young athletes in America, and he is a member of the family that owns the Meriwether Group. He has learned how to work for the company, and he has had a stellar athletic career that many people are interested in. This article explains how Sawyer Howitt has done in his racquetball career, and it shows that he is ready to work for the family business.

#1: What Does He Do In The Office?

The office at the Meriwether Group has space for Sawyer Howitt, and he has spent much of his time in high school helping clients with nonprofit financing. He is offering a massive amount of customer care, and he has learned the value of hard work while learning the business. He has been given many chances to serve customers, and he knows what his job will look like when he finishes college.

#2: His Athletic Pursuits

Sawyer Howitt is an amazing high school athlete who will go to college with prospects of playing on that level. He has written on his blog about playing racquetball properly, and he offers a number of tips to players who wish to play recreationally. His tips are some of the finest in the sport, and he has spent quite a long time honing his game. There are few students his age that are as good as he is at this sport. His advice is well-written, and he shows a great maturity as an athlete in his writing.

#3: His College Career

Sawyer Howitt will go to college with plans to play sports and study business. He is spending the next four years learning how to manage a business, and he will come home to the company to do the work that is most important. He will assist his father, and he will take up the reigns of the business when the time comes.

Everyone who is learning about racquetball may study Sawyer Howitt and his blog. They will learn that is a multi-talented young man who is planning to spend four years in school becoming the man who may run the family company.


Vincent ‘Vinny’ Parascandola: Three Decades of Transformative Leadership

When AXA US hired Vincent ‘Vinny’ Parascandola in 2014 to serve as the company’s senior executive vice president, they swayed by more than just his stellar career at its other affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions. The company was moved by his excellent track record serving in various positions in different organization, long experience, strong academic background and impressive set of skills. After successfully completing his Bachelor of Science degree in computer analytics at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, he made his breakthrough in the industry in 1986 with a systems analyst position at Irving Trust Company. For the next two years, Vinny Parascandola would develop a strong interest in mainstream financial and investment management.

To live his dreams, Vinny Parascandola moved to Prudential Insurance as an insurance agent before moving to the next challenge in 1990 by taking up the role of financial professional at The MONY Group. He thrived in his new environment and within a short span of three years he had already rose to the position of sales manager. After serving in the position for four years, he had become the company’s managing director followed by field vice president between 1998 and 2005. His over a decade association with AXA began in 2005 when he was appointed as vice president of AXA Equitable before serving as the president of it Advantage Group affiliate in 2008 before later serving the company’s Northern and Continental Divisions in the same position. He oversaw all operations while also doubling sometimes as the chief sales officer for the Continental Division up to 2014.

Multitalented Visionary Leader

Vincent ‘Vinny’ Parascandola’s success as a company executive and experienced financial manager with over three decades and high profile clients within the Greater New York City Area and beyond is aided by his multiple skills. Financial management requires excellent asset management skills, which he had developed over the years. He also has excellent retirement planning capabilities. Vinny Parascandola has also mastered financial services planning. He also possesses knowledge in estate planning and life insurance strategies. These skills have enabled him take on challenging roles especially at AXA’s divisions where he had to oversee all operations of the divisions including financial planning, sales and marketing and recruitment.