Todd Lubar’s Quest To Help Others Succeed

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur, who has achieved tremendous success in the real estate industry. He is the founder of TDL Global Ventures, LLC where he serves as the president. In addition, he has been working for Legendary Investments as a senior vice president. Through TDL Global Ventures, Todd lends loans to borrowers, who do not qualify for the same from traditional lenders. Talking to ideamensch, Todd said that his initial experience in the field of finance and credit made him realize that most people were unable to fulfill their dreams due to inability to secure loans from different financial institutions. To this end, he developed a deep desire to help these people improve their lives by providing them with the much needed finances. Lubar is involved in all processes of the company with the objective of making informed decisions to avert risks. He believes that building a business requires hard work and persuasiveness.

In an article on Hackronym, his career journey began in 1995 when he was recruited at Crestar Mortgage Corporation to serve as a loan originator. Todd worked for four years and gained adequate skills in conservative mortgage banking, an experience that has helped him to manage his current businesses. Later, he joined Legacy Financial Group where he started brokering loans as a direct mortgage bank and issuing the same to other people. After gaining vast experience, he founded his own residential development firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. Through his new company, Lubar got an opportunity to interact with real estate experts, thus fueling his relationships with major banking institutions, a factor that helped him to access lines of credit of up to $2 million.

His involvement in the mortgage banking industry saw him establish Charter Funding, a unit of one of the largest private mortgage companies in the US, First Magnus Financial Corporation. He also founded Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, a commercial lending firm targeting underserved clients. He uses Legendary Properties’ liquidity and his own money to provide loans to his clients. Through Legendary Financial, Todd has served over 7,000 clients. This way, he has been able to make sound decisions for every loan scenario. In 2008, the mortgage industry was affected by the financial crisis. This situation forced him to widen his portfolio. He invested in the commercial demolition industry where he worked with renowned contractors. He also ventured in the business of recycling automotive scrap metal. When he wakes up each day, Lubar focuses on changing the lives of the people.

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Meet David Giertz: A Career Financial Consultant Who Adores Elon Musk

Mr. David L. Giertz, 52, is a seasoned financial consultant renowned for his timely calls. He is not the risk-averse type of fund manager most of us are used to dealing with. No, he’s the investor who knows how to calculate the risk versus the rewards associated with a particular investment opportunity. His insights and strategies on are almost always on point and that has everything to do with the thirty plus years he’s studied and analyzed every possible detail about the financial world. Today, he’s in charge of the venture capitalist firm called Nationwide Financial Services Inc. David’s worked at the firm since 2013 quickly rising to the position of President.

Stephen King Meets Elon Musk

Mr. David Giertz is licensed to transact in matters involving overall business strategy deployment, streamlining the supply chain processes and on social security investment concerns. In a recent interview posted on this website, the highly decorated consultant mentioned Stephen King as his favorite non-business author on LinkedIn. The investor goes ahead to urge young entrepreneurs to be bold always, even in the face of daunting adversity. In the cycle of developing any business or brand, it is imperative to learn the fundamentals and even with that info, one still encounters a myriad of complications in their pursuit for success.

David’s Advice to the Youth

David Giertz advises us to look the challenges and obstacles right in the eye and take it out. The man draws a lot of inspiration from the legendary inventor, investor, and visionary, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and SpaceX and PayPal Inc. On his spare time outside the busy office settings, David Giertz loves to spend quality time with his close friends and family sailing the deep blue seas. Crunch Base lists him as having previously served in Uber-like successful companies like FI/WH where he was V.P in charge of sales and he’s had a long stint with Nationwide Financial Services. Inc. Also, he used to be the V.P at NF Bank Channel Company for five years, starting from 2004.


Facts about James Dondero

James Dondero, is the co-founder and president, Highland capital management. One of most successful career man attained his high education in McIntire School of Commerce. He has further achieved numerous certifications in areas of account and management. Dondero is also a chartered financial analyst. He is also an experienced man having worked in the financial sector for more than 30 years.


Before the appointment, he worked in GIC as an investment officer and corporate bond as an analyst. Moreover his qualification has made him is part of the American Express and Morgan Guaranty.


He has further ben involved in giving back to the is manifested by giving out different donations and of the highest beneficiaries are the Family Palace. He gave about $1 million. The organization deals with helping those persons that are affected by family affairs mostly the kids. In ensuring the funds gets used up well, Highland Dallas Foundation was mandated to manage the resources. To ensure even the Family Palace achieves most Dondero’s firm pledged to grant half of the entire amount the Family Palace would rise in their campaign. On October 4 the Highland capital went ahead and paid half of the amount that had already got raised. The organization even portrayed its other trait of keeping their word.


The CEO confirmed that the group was not only focused on profits but also in seeing that there was an improvement in the lives of their clients and community as a whole. James Dondero said the organization engaged in the services of the call for the companies to assist the communities in fighting the various calamities affecting them. The CEO of family palace Paige Flint was so glad to see their collaboration that ensured that the services they would offer would be of high quality and done in full measure. He asked the other organization to show their kindness like the Highland capital and help the community in the various problems they encounter.


The leadership the Highland capital will ensure that company succeeds .their generous heart will see the organization gain quick popularity and appreciation. To the community, most of the problems will be solved easily by the inclusion of their various programs.