There was a pretty interesting article I ran across the other day. It was online on the Pittsburgh Business Times Journal site. The content was about how Mark Sparks is helping other entrepreneurs like himself make it in the big, bad business world.

The reason for me writing this content is to point out a few interesting factors which Mark and his team brought up. If you are interested in reading the full spread, you can click right here:


Mark didn’t earn his A in business and marketing the easy way. He worked extremely hard to get where he is now. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

Mark’s goal is to deliver some very high-impact intensive training programs to young business owners. He is looking to give them all the business and marketing skills the need up-front. Some of these skills many have to wait until the end of the process to find out. Mark is hoping to change this idealogy around.

“We have had similar success with programs in Boston and other surrounding areas. If we can get to the core and the root of some of the issues that pop up early on, this will improve a person’s chance of succeeding. Some of the issues that pop up early involve communication and the marketing skills themselves. Our goals is to pinpoint theses issues and turn them around”.

“Some of these skills business owners learn way too late in the business cycle. When this happens, the damage has already been done. If we can change this for just one person, than we have accomplished our task. We have gotten some great responses so far. We are hoping to get even more. Some of the people we have helped so far are very grateful for what me and my team have created. They have told me they wished others taught the same skills and lessons we are”.


Other programs have come about, programs which might be similar to what Mark is hoping to achieve. Truth be told, only Mark can give you the proper skills necessary for your business survival. The business world can be a cruel mistress. Mark Sparks has seen or experienced almost every kind of business experience you could ever imagine. Which is what makes him perfect to implement these training programs.

“If I can save just one business owner from making some of the mistakes I did in the past, then it will all be worth it to me”.

Is Mark and his team’s training programs coming to your area? Why not find out for yourself. Log onto his official page and see when and where he might be coming to your town, or some place close by. Learn more about Marc Sparks: