Desiree Perez Tough and influential Roc Executive

Jay Z had signed a $150 million contract contract with Live Nation in 2008. The ten-year deal contract is now about to come to a close. The contract, according to a music insider, will not be extended though the live nation had bought into the rights of artists and recorded music. That is because it is no longer in the business of music, and those contracts are not being extended. Thus, this is the reason that Jay Z is searching for other bigwigs in the music industry to take his stake at Roc Nation in his recorded music trade. As the contract comes to an end, it could prompt a buy-sell denoting that either side of the parties involved could sell the stake they have at Roc Nation to the other or might even buy the firm outright. However, there are sources which claim that the long-standing relationship Live Nation has with Jay Z is lucrative and they might want to maintain it for years.  Continue reading on

Jay and Desiree Perez, who is his top Roc Executive, were spotted coming out of a meeting with the CEO of Universal Music group Lucian Grainge which lead to speculations that UMG could purchase some stake in Roc Nation. This move could help Jay Z get some more resources to bolster his streaming service and advance new performers and be able to compete with Spotify services and Apple Music.  For related article, head over to this.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a producer that has worked on projects like Change: The LifeParticle Effect in 2013 and On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. She is known to be a close companion with Jay Z with an almost 20-year relationship. She has also had a long track running with SC enterprises. She is competent for such a position since she is good with figures, is a hard and aggressive mediator, and has a unique history. She has taken part in negotiating the Beyoncé Formation Stadium as was part of the Samsung deal by Rihanna. More to read on  She is also a part of a joint deal that runs the whole Roc Nation, the sections of management, publishing, and labeling operations. She drives the forces that are behind Tidal. The collection is known as Hova Circle of influence.  Check this on

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