How Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Catch Criminals

I work on the front lines when it comes to apprehending fugitives, and our law enforcement division is responsible for finding some of the most dangerous fugitives in the country. Once a criminal is on the run, they put civilian and law enforcement lives in danger, so we have to work fast to make certain they are apprehended as quickly as possible.


One of the tools that we use to find these fugitives are informants. These criminals need to be able to work with a group of people who will provide them shelter, money, clothing, food, drugs, and weapons. Without informants, we could never get close enough to nab these dangerous felons. That being said, the most dangerous of them all are the ones that have a network of people who would never rat them out, like a gang.


Recently we were notified that Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication system in our jail, and those trained on the LBS software began hearing chatter concerning an inmate we were hunting. We have come to trust this company because not only does CEO Rick Smith stand behind his company motto of existing to make the world safer, but his Dallas TX based company employs 1,000 people who work tirelessly to help us get up to speed on the technology.


No sooner did I learn how to work the technology, I was able to collect information from a few top-level gang leaders in jail who were talking in code on the phone about getting out suspect safely out of the country. With the help of the covert alert feature, we pinpointed the location of the suspect while he was still in the planning stages of his departure from the country and we were able to reunite him with his brother in the jail.


Securus Technologies Empathy Places Them As An Award Finalist

Securus Technologies provides justice to keep people safe. Their technology in the field of criminal justice is cutting edge. They have been chosen as a finalist for the Stevie Award. This award has been running for eleven years and becoming a finalist is impressive. Securus will end up with either Silver, Gold or Bronze.


The results will be announced at a banquet taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the prestigious Cesar Palace. The finalists are from several different nations. The competition evaluated well over two thousand nominations. These came from almost every industry of every possible size. The determination of the finalists came from a score average of judges located throughout the world.


There were 61 categories the entrants were considered for including the Award for Innovation in Customer Service, the Contact Center of the Year Award and the Customer Service Department of the Year Award. Danny de Hoyos is the Senior Vice President at Securus. He believes it all comes down to the empathy displayed by a company. Securus once again raised the bar in 2016 in how their customers are taken care of and the training received by their employees.


Securus truly understands how much stress their customers are experiencing. This is why their teams have so much empathy for their clients. They place their focus on helping them through a very difficult time in their lives. What they are doing is obviously working as their customer satisfaction rate is at an all time record high.


The stories the judges for the awards heard were inspiring. They were about sales, unprecedented customer service and developing businesses all over the world. The judges will not have any easy time determining which company receives Silver, Bronze or Gold but just to be a finalist is an amazing accomplishment by Securus Technologies.