Supporting People to Achieve Financial Success

Financial independence is a goal for every individual. Financial support is essential in developing people financially. Bruce Bent II is a financial advisor who gives actionable financial advice to his clients. This enables people to develop economically and achieve their goals in life. Bruce has developed products that enable financial development for both companies and individuals. The society can develop economically using the different products that he has created. The products are technologically enabled. They are easy to use, and people can navigate the products amicably. The products have proven their efficiency. Many companies have applied them, and they have achieved economic development.

It is important to note that Bruce also gives informed solutions for people to avoid financial mistakes. His company known as Double Rock company has become a market leader in the industry. This is attributed to the resources that it has offered. They have become very effective in the society. He targets the entrepreneurs so that they can develop their companies. This gives his company a credible name in the industry. Most financial advisors are expensive and give financial advice that does not bear fruits. Bruce Bent II is affordable. He offers actionable financial plans.

His proven ability to lead and conduct himself professionally with like-minded people enables him to lead effectively at his company. He cultivates leadership in others and enables them to lead the other departments. He supports the growth of the company and his consumers. This ensures that even the employees at his company attain financial independence. This is a major motivation for the people he works with because they get to benefit holistically at the enterprise. Bruce Bent II is the chairperson of Young Presidents’ Organization. This is a group of young people who lead organization. This shows that his leadership skills are exemplary. He has used his skills to develop the group and to develop every person to achieve the mission and vision of the organization. Financial independence is a desire for all individuals. People should consider developing themselves using the available opportunities at their disposal.

Omar Yunes Best National and International Franchisee Winner 2015

November 2015 was a good month for Mr. Omar as he was awarded first place in the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) 2015 in its first Mexican version. This was in recognition for his contributions to Sushi Itto, through the case “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee.”

Omar Yunes Background
Omar became a franchisee for Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain, at only twenty-one years of age. At the moment, he owns 13 units of the franchise located in Puebla, Veracruz, as well as Mexico City. These units represent about 10% of what Sushi Itto brand owns.

Mr. Yunes is very proud to have won the award and says that he is only a representative and that the prize, in reality, is for the four hundred employees working in his units management as well as the Sushi Itto brand for allowing them to be innovative. Yunes is a creative leader who cares for his staff.

Best Franchisee Winner Award 2015 Edition
The 2015 edition for BFW had representatives from 34 countries in attendance, including Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. BFW is a global event which recognizes the efforts as well as the trajectory of franchisees of different franchise brands. The countries represented selected from the national version of the event and combined the best outstanding brands franchisees. BFW recognizes the efforts, contributions, and work to the brand enrichment of the franchisees.

The franchisee, Omar Yunes, was evaluated based on network effectiveness and not the brand. Aspects like network level of influence, knowledge contribution, employee motivation, invoice, implementation of savings, improvements proposed by the model, were considered. The competition’s objective was to reward innovation, leadership, teamwork, and implementation of constant improvement procedures in service to the franchise. Also, attitude of identity and commitment of franchises is rewarded.

Mr. Diego Elizarrarrás reiterated that Omar is viewed as a significant change factor in the relationship between the franchising and franchisee, achieving a healthier management of informing and implementing boards of control to assist in having better measurements of units. Mr. Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO, commented that the awards showed a combined determination to offer a remarkable flavor, excellent customer service, and exceptional hospitality.

Money Market Funds and Mr. Bruce Bent II

Money Market Funds are the open ended mutual funds that are invested in the short-term debt securities like the commercial paper and US Treasury bills. The safety of the Money Market Funds is comparable to that of banks deposits. Additionally, the funds are associated with high yield. These types of funds are regulated by the Investment Act Company of 1940. They are the liquidity providers to various financial intermediaries. The advantage of money market funds is that they seek to reduce exposure to losses, which comes from liquidity, market, and credit risks. Also, the act that controls money market funds ensures that there is the aspect of diversity, maturity, and quality.
According to the Investment Company Act, the funds are mostly used to buy the highly rated debt that only matures in 13 months’ time. The portfolio requires that WAM (weighted average maturity) takes 60 days or less and not more than 5% of the funds are invested to any one user unless there is the factor of repurchase agreements or the funds are meant for government securities. The securities that money market funds can invest are the short-term bonds, repurchase agreements, and commercial paper. The market securities should be of high quality and highly liquidated. Regarding the history of the foundation, money market fund was established in 1971 as a reserved fund by Henry Brown and Bruce Bent. The fund was only offered to investors that were interested in preserving their money with the objective of getting a small amount of rate in return as per the amount they invested.
About Bruce Bent II
Mr. Bruce Bent II is an American Businessman who invented money market fund in 1971. Of course, he did not invent this type of financial fund alone. He did it together with his business partner, Mr. Henry Brown. Regarding educational background, Mr. Bruce attended St. John’s University, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Economics. Before attending St. John’s University, Bruce Bent worked in the Marines after finishing his high school studies.
Mr. Bruce began his career as one of the managing partners at LF Rothschild Company. Two years down the line, Bruce started working at a pension firm known as TIAA-CREF. This is the place where he met his business partner, and together they were able to create a firm known as Brown & Bent. It was the company behind the invention of money market fund.

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Wengie’s marvelous daily creations.

I enjoy watching Wengie’s videos. She is extremely clever while inventing ways to make old worn sweaters to look brand new again. All she does is take a shaver and lightly pass through the sweater until all the lint is removed and presto, you have a sharp looking sweater again. I also admired Wengie’s creativity when she used a paper clip remover in order to remove and place a key in her key ring. I liked this idea very much because it prevents you from damaging your nails and hands. I really admire her original designs in especially when she uses a zip lock bag with a cardboard paper fitted inside in efforts to maintain all important documents and items neatly stored. She reported this was a good way to prevent things being crumbled or torn when shoved inside her backpack. Another great idea was how Wengie marked her shower key with an erasable marker. This enabled her to always have her water temperature at the condition she enjoys without having to constantly be playing around with the water key prior to taking a shower.

Wengie also recommends we place old newspapers at the bottom of garbage bags. Doing this will prevent liquid residue to form and eliminate bad odors to spread in the house. I definitely recommended this to various friends and family after watching her video and they loved it. I especially liked the idea of taking pictures of the inside of your refrigerator and cupboards before going to the supermarket. This way you save time on writing and rebuying things you already have in the house.


If you would like to enjoy Wengie’s fun and creative inventions take a peek at her fabulous videos at: